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Addictions Every Collegiette Has

College is a time in life that results in many things. One of those results is random college addictions we all temporarily adopt. Without considering serious addictions, the following is a list of relatable addictions all collegiate should understand.

1. Netflix

Which series should I marathon instead of going to class today?

2. Peanut Butter

Peanut butter on everything. Bananas, apples, bread, spoons, EVERYTHING.

3. Political Memes

A passive aggressive way to bombard social media with our political beliefs.

4. Coffee

Or really anything caffeinated.

5. Cat Posts


6. Oversized Sweaters

Partially because they’re ridiculously comfortable, but also because we have to do our own laundry and are sure to shrink all of our clothes at some point.

7. Thrill of Procrastination

That adrenaline rush while racing the clock to get the ten page essay written in one night is simply unbeatable.

8. Sleeping

Naps. Naps all the time.

9. Multitasking

Yes I can efficiently take notes on this lecture while slyly watching The Office in the back row.

10. Inappropriate Crushes

We’ve all had those TAs.


11. Spark Notes

Refer to #7.

13.  Documenting our Lives AKA Social Media

How many more photos can I post before I've posted too many this week?

14. Free everything

I’m mostly talking about food. But shirts are cool too, I guess.

15. The Library

We will live here for an extended period of time at some point in our collegiate lives.

16. Having an Opinion on Everything

We go to college, we’re educated, we know stuff.

17. GIFS

They just express emotions better than words ever could.

18. Underground Music

Mainly because underground concerts cost significantly less than large mainstream ones. And we’re in college, we don’t have money to spend on real concerts.

19. Passive Aggressive Yik Yaks

Got to love the confidence anonymity allows.

And that's college in a nut shell, folks.

Shaela Adams: is really just in love with the Earth. And peanut butter. And naps.
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