8 Signs College has Forced You to Turn into Bender from Futurama

In the wake of Matt Groening’s awesome new series on Netflix, Disenchantment, I decided to do a quick throwback to my angsty middle school years and watch Futurama. I was impressed by the rapidfire puns and brilliant comedy, but what I wasn’t expecting was how absolutely relatable some of the characters are now that I’ve gotten older. Now, I’m sure there’s a little bit of Fry in some of us, and Amy in others (I am guilty of this charge, honestly), but what I didn’t know was how incredibly and terrifyingly relatable Bender is now that I’ve started college.

And I cannot be the only one to feel this way (I hope). So here are 8 signs that college has forced you to turn into an angry, Devil-May-Care archetypal robot from the hit animated sitcom, Futurama.


1. We Can’t Afford (and decide that we don’t need) More than 2 Square Feet of an Apartment


2. Without Alcohol our Souls Die


3. We Feel an Intense Need to Steal, Because Student Loans are Too Much


4. We Want to Kill All Humans


5. We Wish We Had a Shiny Metal A$$ for People to Bite


6. TV (mostly Netflix) is Our Only Solace


7. Partying is Necessary


8. Although Humans Suck, Friends are Important.


See what I told you? Bender becomes more relatable every day, every semester. Every year. And honestly, I ain’t even mad. It’s important to live out the angst and passion of our college years, and to continue to be the rad people we are! Even if it means that we’re grumpy, and maybe not entirely sane. So let that Robot flag fly, y’all! And keep living your best (or at best, mediocre) lives.


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