6 Reasons to Join Her Campus at the University of Utah

            College. It becomes so much more than a place to get a degree or to figure out what future you want to have. It becomes your home for 4-5 years. It holds your friendships that you’ve formed with people who grew up in a different way than you did. It is a conglomeration of highlighted essays, beaten up textbooks, Lilly Pulitzer planners and emails from professors. It’s a weird state of mind where people work hard for a GPA and play hard because, well, college. You can spend your school years in one of two ways: being involved or being uninvolved. How do you want to spend your years?

            Going to a school of 30,000 can be daunting. It can make anyone feel like they don’t have a voice on campus or they don’t have room to show off talents and passions. Her Campus at the University of Utah can change that.

1. Real-World Skills.

Her Campus is an online magazine at over 300 universities, each chapter is unique and individual to every campus and each require people with a wide variety of skills from marketing, self-branding, creating, editing, writing, photography, budgeting, social-media marketing, designing…basically anything that goes into running a magazine, Her Campus at the University of Utah has a place for members to tailor their skills!

2. Resume. Resume. Resume.

From Psychology to Ballet majors, Her Campus at the University of Utah has become a hodgepodge of people with different majors all wanting to include something diverse and special on their resumes! Getting published once a week in a major magazine is such a unique quality that will always bump you up in the resume game because it shows you have an array of talents. Looking to write or edit for a magazine professionally? There is no better place to start than writing for a magazine tailored to your peers!

3. Freedom to Write…Anything.

The last thing our team wants to do is stifle anyone of our writers unique voices, delicate passions and solidified opinions from being shared with our campus! We want to publish articles that our team is excited about! Weekly meetings are a great place to hammer out ideas and brainstorm new ones in order to create a piece that our whole team will be proud of and our audience will learn something from.

4. Networking.

Networking can be a scary word; it can make you feel like you don’t know enough people or you don’t know the right people. Her Campus at the University of Utah is a place to find new opportunities within a variety of areas on campus so that not only our readers but also our team can have the best access to the best resources, training and experiences that they can have. Former Her Campus writers have been offered internships with Glamour, Vogue, Buzzfeed, Vanity Fair, Seventeen, MTV, Digitas, Marie Claire, and so many more publications.

5. Becoming Involved on Campus.

Her Campus at the University of Utah wants to do everything it can to provide our campus with what’s happening on campus! With leadership positions dedicated to writing about sororities and different student organizations on campus, we strive to not only promote our magazine but every club or organization that we can!

6. Becoming Involved in a Much Bigger Community.

Her Campus has over 7,000 writers from all over the world! Proudly holding the title of the #1 online magazine for collegiette women. We are all honored to write for an organization that puts our needs first and encourages us to be the best writers, editors, photographers, marketers, philanthropists, and people that we can be!

Do you want to join Her Campus at the University of Utah? Click the link to apply: https://utahhercampus.wufoo.com/forms/z13zrw8h13aqb6l/


Article Inspired by: http://www.hercampus.com/school/utsa/6-reasons-join-her-campus-utsa