Why Showing Gratitude Towards to Your Ex is Actually the Best Way to Move On

Late Saturday night, Ariana Grande dropped her new break up anthem, “thank u, next”. This single isn’t your typical breakup song. Ariana gave a shoutout to a few of her exes. However, she didn’t bash Big Sean, trash Ricky, or spill any tea about Pete. She actually thanks all of them, including Mac Miller—for being a part of her life and contributing to the woman she is today.

Saying "thank you" to your ex can actually help you better cope with the split. You show that you’re thankful for what you learned, but you’re also thankful for who you are saying goodbye to and leaving behind.

While it may be too soon to look at your ex with a smile on your face, understanding that every relationship has the good and the bad can help ease the healing process.

Expressing gratefulness to your ex doesn’t only help you move on, it shows maturity as well. Instead of building resentment, try to find forgiveness after the end of the relationship. Avoid pointing the blame at your ex and instead, focus on what you learned from the relationship so you can move forward.