UT: Started From the North Now We Here

Itʼs no big secret that the majority of UTʼs students hail from the North. Just taking a walk from Vaughn to West Parking Garage youʼll hear at least one New York accent, see some type of Boston sports attire, and watch a New Jersey plate speed past you. Now, being from the north myself, I can say we are all proud of where we come from. But as the years we spend down here at UT start to add up, we start to become a little, dare I say it? Like a Floridian. *Insert monkey covering his mouth emoji.* With the Florida “winter” weather and Thanksgiving break quickly approaching, it is even more obvious that some of us are becoming Northern-Floridian hybrids. 

When 60 degrees hits, you bust out your sweaters and boots.


The only plans you have for yourself during break is hibernating in your bed with a cup of hot chocolate, fuzzy socks, and Netflix. None of which involves the rigid outdoors.

Spending more than $2.89 on a gallon of gas seems foreign to you.

You have anxiety just thinking about the fact that there is no Salsa Ricoʼs back home.

When you finally get to go out with your friends at home during break, you will secretly wonder if theyʼll judge you for going out with fuzzy socks under your boots, a long sleeve, winter coat, and a scarf while all they need is a light jacket.

You have separation anxiety from your favorite pair of flip flops when you donʼt wear them for a few days.

You would rather have sand stuck in your bathing suit in unnamed places than wet snow-soaked socks any day of the week.

You begin to plot how your friends that arenʼt going home for break can ship you a Publix sub to your house. 

You are starting to forget what life was like before you were within an hour of three major theme parks.

Youʼve learned to love the squirrels in the courtyard instead of fear them like the unfriendly northern squirrels.

The next time your mom calls youʼre seriously considering asking her to send down a pair of your UGG boots.

You forget that a shovel isnʼt just used for making sand castles.

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