Stephanie Gerschwer- The Transfer

Stephanie Gerschwer, seen below in the Mets gear (you can gag a little, I did too) transferred to Tampa (UT) after her freshman year. After knowing her for a year now, I decided to ask her about the process.

Q: Where did you go to school before UT?

A: I originally went to Eckerd, in St. Petersburg


Q: What drew you to Eckerd?

A:  The school is right on water, which I loved. Going into an Environmental Studies program the #3 marine biology program seemed like a good thing to have around. I really wanted far away from home, too. I thought having the small size would be beneficial to adjusting to a collegiate atmosphere.


Q: When did you decide to transfer?

A: After I applied for an RA position, I weighed out costs and benefits and didn’t love my major. Freshman winter break I reevaluated my school choices and decided on UT.


Q: How was the transfer process?

A: Horrible; don’t go through with it unless you’re positive. I’m still not 100% done the process and it’s been over a year.  

Q: Was a hard adjustment?

A: It was weird being a freshman again as a sophomore. But it pushed me to do things like formal recruitment, leading me to my sorority. I lived close enough to my old friends that it wasn’t horrible, but it was a harsh transition.


Q: What’s your favorite thing about UT?

A: I really like the size of Tampa as a city, and that there’s a lot going on for its size. Being around other schools makes seeing things outside of UT easily accessible too.


Q: Are you happy with the choice you made?

A: Yeah, I live with great people now and am much more involved on campus!