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Currently writing this as we drive our way back to campus with the jitters still fresh (freshly shooked).

On an unexpectedly cold evening in Tampa, Florida, my boyfriend Zero and I drove our way closer towards the rural parts of this state and further from what we consider civilization. It’s Friday night (or should I say Fright night) and we’re making our way towards the creepiest carnival looking location. The closer we got induced by chainsaws, loud screams, and the growling. Where the hell are we? In Scream-A-Geddon of course! Florida’s Premier Horror Park and home to attractions devoted to making you scream with fear at the top of your lungs.

Due to prior engagements, we ended up arriving 3 hours later than our expected time. This meant we wouldn’t go around for a private media tour. Instead, we were just two ordinary people. So, our experience was like every other person. When we arrived, we met Mark the front house manager who answered some questions. First thing I asked was if there were any “safety zones” or anywhere where it was off limits to scare guests. To which he replied, “Yeah, maybe out by your car… if they don’t follow you there”.

***laughs while internally screaming***


Before we started…

We peed. Made rounds and checked where all the exits where. Got our testimonial snaps in. And with that, we made our way onto our first house (and my favorite) Rage 3D.

There are 6 total attractions:

  • Rage 3D. This was overall my favorite because of how colorful it was. There were instances where I wanted to pause and pop a pose, but then I realized… this really isn’t the place for that. You DON’T want a random clown to photobomb and also scare the life out of you.
  • Demon’s Revenge. Demons are real, witches are too, I don’t like either or throwing up food. So, we made past our way through the sounds of chainsaws, it’d be lying to say we were not scared at all. But for real, this place made me wish we came in a big group, so I could be in the middle. Not to mention the attraction was held in some old school, pilgrim looking house.
  • Zombie Paintball Assault. Want to be a zombie killer? Here’s your chance! You get loaded onto an old decked out, zombie apocalypse proofed school bus. This is a great time to practice your aim with a real paintball game and unleash your worst on a real zombie.
  • Blackpool prison. Four words: Just go with it! The attraction is interactive until you’d like to be. You can use a glow necklace which gives the scare actors consent to touch you and pull you away from your group. If at any point you feel too scared you can take it off and be let go. If you’ve ever watched the show Beyond Scared Straight it’s basically that but worse because the prison lacks light and well there are no officers.
  • Infected Ground Zero. This is another interactive attraction where if chosen you can be separated from your group and used as part of the show. It is another zombie-themed event that will have you wanting to run as fast as you can so you aren’t infected by one of them.
  • Deadwoods. You’re literally walking through the pitch-black woods (and some cabins) as if watching someone run in the woods wasn’t scary enough, now you get to do it too! This is all about cannibals looking for their next meal, and they’re hungry.
  • & the Monster Midway. Which is your destination to sit and eat (and somewhat relax, since there are still actors roaming around to scare the unexpected). They have beer, wine, snacks, and even s’more kits to make around the firepits on the grounds!


Since we had VIP passes we got through all the houses in under an hour. We took no breaks and got the thing done, and I’m happy to say I was tough enough to go through with it. All in all, I had a great time and through the forced (and low key terrified) smiles, I can tell my baby did too.

For more information on SCREAM-A-GEDDON or to purchase your tickets now, click here. Tickets start at $23 for GA and $40 for VIP (Fast Past). I suggest getting them in advance because prices do go up if you’re buying day of.

Go and check it out. Hope you have a killer time!



27839 Saint Joe Rd, Dade City, FL 33525

Hours: 7:30 p.m. to 11 p.m. Sunday-Thursday; 7:30 p.m. to 1 a.m. Friday & Saturday.