Hottest Swimsuits Trends this Season

It’s every Floridians favorite time of the year; spring. It’s the beginning of bikinis, tanning, and overall just a good time. Like all years there are new trends that people are wearing and new sites that have the best swimwear. I found a few trends and sites that will definitely help add to your bathing suit collection this summer and spring of 2019.




Want to stand out this swimsuit season?; the color yellow is a major color trend for spring. Honey-toned yellow swimsuits are flattering for many ranges of skin colors. This color looks great on either a two-piece bikini or a one piece.

High leg cut

A new trend hitting the fashion scene is the high leg cut bikini’s. Similar to a high waisted look, this style elongates your legs and brings you back to an 80’s inspired look

Animal print

This is making a comeback. Bathing suits with animal prints make a bathing suit sassy and fun. As classic as this style can be, these can turn an ordinary bathing suit into something more fun.