Get Ready with Me

First off, no, that is not me on the cover photo. That is an image of the beautiful Zendaya rocking her fro. I couldn't find a pic of mine that was big enough so I had to use another one. Now that that's cleared up, let's get started. 

Last Thursday I decided staying in could still be fun. I can get glammed up and dressed up no matter how I was spending my night. I also knew I had to untangle my hair and deep condition, shave and practically have a whole spa night.

I began to untangle my hair when I realized it was unusually poofy. Not like, “oh the humidity” but like “oh... can I have fro?”. And so, I decided to go for it. 2 hours and a season of Ugly Betty later, there it was: A Fro! (or should I say AFRO!). I couldn’t believe it. I knew my hair has been in a better condition than it was last year but I didn't know how healthy. 

Seeing how beautiful this new hairdo looked on me I decided to go full glam and began beating my face. Now I'm not sure if it's because the eyeshadows were oxidized or if the quality isn't good but the colors weren't showing up on my eyes. Now I know you're supposed to prime and conceal your eyes into a color that can help show the colors of the eyeshadow but it really wasn't coming through (come on BH Cosmetics, you're better than this). I didn't let this get me down and I moved on to the rest of my face. Adding mascara, blush, lipstick, and highlighter for days. 

One look in the mirror and I knew exactly what I needed to wear. I went and got my favorite pair of floral elephant pants and some wedges. Grabbed my hoop earrings and went back to my mirror.

I froze. I had transformed into a new person.

It was like I was a whole new person. Or just me, but in a different time (the late 70s of course). I went straight towards my computer and began playing songs from the soundtrack to one of my favorite shows The Get Down and soon enough there I was dancing along pretending like I was in some club in the south Bronx dancing to "Bus stop" or Donna Summers "Bad Girls". 

Here's the Final look:


  • BH Cosmetics Foil eyes
    • Crease: 1
    • Lid: 2
    • Outer V: 3
  • Mascara: Big Tease Plumping Mascara


  • NYX Lingerie Gloss in Honeymoon
  • Almay Goddess Gloss

All in all, I had a pretty fun night. Just me, all alone, by myself. I do have to note I had to call my girls because I needed witnesses of this beauty! I had never felt so beautiful! My boyfriend loved it too! 

For more looks check out my insta: @Aemiliatertia 

Thank you for reading :)