Five Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

1. Use an appropriate photo as your profile picture.

Profile pictures appear right at the top of each LinkedIn page, serving as the first impression to other users. It is essential that your profile picture is current and professional. Typically, people wear business attire and stand in front of a plain background.


2. Make your headline short but intriguing.

Headlines are located beneath your profile picture, and it typically includes your current job position. For most students still in college, their profiles will just state the school they attend (ex: “Student at the University of Tampa”). However, you can add what you want to do in your future career. An example of this would be “International Business major and aspiring Digital Marketing Manager.”


3. Make your summary informative and captivating.

The summary section of your LinkedIn profile should show what you’re skilled at, what motivates you and what’s next. This part is like a bio, so it’s an opportunity to show your individual voice. Make sure your summary includes your professional and career goals but also leaves people wanting to learn more.


4. Treat the experience section like your resume.

This is the part of your profile where you can showcase all of your experience. Avoid simply listing the jobs you’ve had. Instead, provide information on the role of that job or internship and the tasks you performed. This can resemble the bullet points on your resume regarding your specific responsibilities.


5. Network, network, network.

Don’t be afraid to make connections! Connect with classmates, peers, professors, etc. The larger of a network you have, the greater chance a job opportunity will come up.


Use these tips to ensure that your LinkedIn profile is ready for future employers to view!