The Essentials of a Relationship

“Relationship” can mean a multitude of things; when someone says relationship the first thing that comes to mind is a boyfriend or girlfriend. In this life, you have multiple relationships, not just a significant other. We have all had those terrible, heart wrenching relationships with people. I for one, have had one too many; but all those relationships taught me different things I now utilize in current relationships with the people in my life.


One of the top essentials to a healthy relationship is honesty. I know, so cliche, right? But it’s true! Think about it. What is a relationship based on lies? Toxic. Toxic people come in and out of your life. Being an honest individual makes you not only a good person, but it allows you to treat people correctly. I have always been open to criticism and honesty whether that is from a friend, significant other, or parents. I think receiving honest criticism goes hand and hand with this treat. In order to receive, you should give.


The healthiest relationships I have had were built on trust. As they say, without trust you have nothing. What is the point in being with someone you’re constantly questioning if they’re lying or not. There is no need for that added stress in life. I know how hard it is to be a trusting person especially if you have given it all once before. But this all comes with time and experience.


The last small piece of advice I have for a healthy relationship is setting boundaries. Yes, you can trust a person with everything you have but there are also certain boundaries we all have within our personal lives. It is so important to be comfortable in any situation or relationship; you wouldn’t want to put yourself in a compromising position. You shouldn’t be scared to put any boundaries on any relationship, you are in control of your own life.


These are just 3 things that I take into consideration when I have different relationships with people, and of course, there's more. Hopefully, that provided you some insight on a healthy relationship you have or maybe one you want. Always remember what you can and can not change.