Campus Cutie: Ish Gonzalez

Name: Ishmael (Ish) Gonzalez

Year: Junior

Hometown: Antioch, IL

Major: International Business and Management

Age: 21

Are you single or nah? Single.

Describe your perfect date: Take her out for dinner then watch fireworks on the beach at Disney World.

Who is your #mcm? Ryan Gosling

Who is your #wcw? Ariana Grande

What was your dream job as a kid? Architect

What is your dream job now? Not sure

What’s the corniest pick-up line that you’ve been told? Is your daddy a Baker? Because you've got some nice buns!

You’re on Who Wants to be a Millionaire and it’s time to phone a friend. Who do you call? My friend Kyle Miller, or my Dad. It depends on the question.

What’s one thing you would tell incoming freshman at UT? Get involved with the school or community.

True Life: Are you addicted to Netflix? Nah, I’m about that Xfinity life.

#tbt: What is your favorite memory? The ones that I don’t remember!

Fruit-by-the-foot or Gushers? Both. They each bring a unique experience.

What kid’s show that you watched growing up do you wish was still running on TV today? Courage the Cowardly Dog.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given? Don’t let money, or anyone else stop you from becoming who you want to be.

Would you rather get free gas for an entire year, or free Dunkin’ Donuts for the rest of your life? Dunkin’s

Would you rather get to cut the Salsa Rico’s line for an entire semester, or have unlimited amounts of Einstein’s for the whole school year? Einstein’s