Alba Botanica Acne Dote (Review)

Acne dote are pimple patches that help pimples heal faster, reduce inflammation and reduce the risk of scarring. They work by drawing fluids and oils out from the skin. These are clear so adapt to skin color. There are 20 small and 20 large patches in the box.


These patches have no parabens or synthetic fragrances and are 100% vegetarian made of tea tree oil, witch hazel water, lentil fruit extract, parsley extract, and salicylic acid.


After using them for one night the pimple swelling decreased a little bit and the redness as well. But there was still a significant bump.


After day two the redness was gone but there was still some swelling.


After day three, the pimple was dried up but there was still a visible bump.


Conclusion: The redness and swelling do decrease but it does take a few days. The patches even though are clear are still quite visible so don’t go out in public with those!