8 Signs It’s the End of the Semester at UT

The days of laying by the pool and playing a pick-up game outside McNiff are quickly coming to an end. As they are replaced by multiple visits to Jazzman’s and using your biology textbook as a make-shift pillow, the vibe on campus is taking a tangible twist. The semester is about to be over and it can’t be more obvious.

1. The lines at Einstein’s and Jazzman’s are nearly double their normal length. Everyone needs their coffee fix to keep studying.

2. The Grocer in, ahem, Stadium, has a scarce stock of chocolate milk.

3. Your email begins to flood with CAL Surveys to fill out.

4. Every single seat in the library is taken.

5. The wifi connection is in a mysterious black hole because the entire campus is trying to get online at the same. damn. time.

6. The bookstore hasn’t been this packed since Parent’s Weekend. Everyone needs to get their last minute holiday gifts.

7. Mozzarella sticks, specialty coffees, and the Rathskellar are on everyone’s menus. Gotta use up those Spartan Dollars before you lose them.

8. The general consensus on campus is IDGAF.

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