7 Reasons Everyone Needs Chloe at Christmas

Everyone loves the little girl, Chloe, who went viral on Vine. Her completely unimpressed reaction to finding out she was going to Disney World makes her the perfect buddy we all need at our family gatherings this holiday season. No matter what tipsy Aunt Tina says, or how annoyed you may be for getting stuck at the kids’ table again, you may not have the courage to say what everyone is really thinking. But, Chloe’s face will say everything that you wish you could say out loud. Hurry up and send her an invite to Christmas dinner.

1. When you’re forced to have a conversation with your elderly grandparents and have nothing to talk about

2. When your crazy uncle crashes the kids table

3. When the rolls get burnt

4. When the tipsy family member makes an uncomfortable drunken joke

5. When your cousin tries to one-up you on how much better her life is

6. When your grandmother keeps asking you why you’re single

7. When you realize there’s no more alcohol in the house


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