5 Things I've Learned From Being an RA

Resident Assistants (also known as RA's), tend to get a bad rep with students because they're hired by the university to enforce campus rules.


UT definition of an RA

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I never really understood what was so bad about them, because to be honest freshman year I had one of the coolest people as my RA. Although we all knew her what she was responsible for, we never saw her as an enemy because she would only try to look out for us. Her name is Sydney, and to this day she's part of my tight-knit group of friends here at UT. Even post her graduation from UT we meet up to spend time together.

(From left) Sydney, myself, and Dani at my latest birthday dinner.

1. Just because you're old, doesn't mean you can't make new friends. 


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Me and one of my residents... she's a baddie <3

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My handsome residents going out to party! (Responsibly)

They say the older you get, the lesser friends you have. This is true, to an extent. However, while I agree that this is because you become closer to the friends you've already built relationships with I think this is an excuse to stop allowing new people into your life. Through having residents and being a leader in my community, I've met so many people who've opened up to me about their backgrounds and their hopes for the future. 

2. Planning is everything. 

RA's are responsible for planning out events, getting their communities involved, and on top of that balancing their own college careers. Without the proper schedule and planning, you will get stressed out. This job has taught me to be flexible, manage my time wisely, and 

3. Always follow up!

With emails, text messages, conversations and in today's age: dm's. Not only is it completely unprofessional to reply to messages days later, sometimes it's flat out embarrassing. 

4. Set alarms and reminders. 

Now, it must be because I'm currently balancing 3 jobs + 16 credits, but lately, I can't remember the smallest things. I've learned to carry my planner to write down due dates, and deadlines. I also set alarms to remind myself when to move onto the next task so that I don't spend too much time and energy on one thing. 

5. This job sucks without a good team. 

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Basically, there's a lot to put together and be in charge of for this job... to the point where you question whether it's all really worth it. Sometimes the only people that get your stress are the ones that go through it as well. I say I was blessed with my team -- because from a large family of 19 other inspiring individuals and a super relatable and understanding AC-- I love these people and where I get to work. They can read you like a book and detect when things are off. They're the most generous people I've met... always willing to help.