10 Unspoken Rules at a Concert

1. Do not stand up in front of people who are sitting down

This rule goes for those who are sitting down in seats. If you are standing up during a song, be cognizant of those around you. Maybe the people behind you cannot see because there is a body in the way. Stand when it is convenient for others please.

2. Do not take up too much space in a pit/GA section

Be mindful of those around you. Sure the song is your favorite song and you want to get down to it, but there is a crowd of people around you. Don’t fling your arms everywhere and whack people in the face. They will definitely not appreciate it.​

3. DO NOT force your way to the front of the stage

Again, this is for people in general admission areas. We all know you are not meeting your friend at the front of the stage. We all know your mom is not at the front. You’re not fooling anyone!!! It’s outright rude to push through people. REFRAIN! REFRAIN!!

4. Let people pass through if they are trying to exit

In opposite scenarios, some people may be trying to get out of the crowd. Don’t be rude and block their way. They are trying to leave, and stepping to the side for a second won’t ruin your concert experience, I promise!




5. Make friends with those around you

Nothing is more fun than getting to know those around you. You’re all there for the same reason: to enjoy awesome music. Maybe you’ll meet a new best friend there.


6. Let shorter people stand in front of you

Nothing is worse than having a guy or girl who is 6 feet or taller when you’re only 5’4. I’m sure the view is great up there, but I can no longer see the stage.


7. Sharing is caring!

I went to a concert one time, and this one attendee brought a ton of water bottles for the soul purpose of giving them out to other people who needed them. FOR FREE TOO! More people should be like this person.


8. Do not interrupt those sitting near you with a drink run every other song

Nothing is more annoying when those who are sitting next to you go grab a beer every other couple songs during THE ENTIRE CONCERT. Maybe one or two drink runs is all right, but when you’re pounding down beers, are you actually there to enjoy the show or forget it?


9. Do not talk loudly during the concert

I cannot stand when people are trying to have a full blown conversation during the concert. How can you even hear? Also, you’re ruining the song for others around you. Keep the talking to a minimum and save it for after the show.


10. Rock out and have fun!

After all is said and done, concerts are the best. You cannot beat live music. Sing your heart out and have a blast!