What to Get for That Special Someone

When it comes to holidays and gift giving, I reign supreme and everyone around me knows it. I love to go all out for the people around me because I feel that people should be cherished and celebrated on their special days. A close friend’s birthday could be months from now and I’ll have their entire gift planned out and impatiently waiting for the big day. It isn’t often that I find myself stuck on what to get someone yet a few months ago I found myself weighed down by what I would get my boyfriend, Alex, for his birthday. I scourged through every corner of the internet, hoping to find just the right article to help point me in the direction of the perfect gift. My boyfriend is a phenomenal man who has helped me with so much and all I wanted was to find the right gift to show him how much he means to me. Unluckily enough for me, I never found that perfect website to tell me what to get him but I can give you some tips that I got from my research!


    Does your person drink tea/coffee often and hate when it cools too quickly? My boyfriend is constantly leaving cold cups of coffee around and it annoys me to no end! The Ember Mug is a cup that can be kept warm through an application you can purchase on your phone. It is on the expensive side but it is guaranteed to last and make your person, and their hot drink, happy and warm!

  2. 2. Hammock

    Living in Florida, acquiring your own hammock is an unspoken rite of passage in this blistering heat. A hammock is excellent for finding some quick shade or a nice way to relax after finals. When I gave Alex this hammock he immediately ran to his car so he could hammock whenever he was out and spotted the perfect trees to ahng in. I was surprised by how much he loved such a simple gift so maybe your person could also benefit from this gift. My only recommendation is to check the size because my Alex is 6’7 so I made sure to get an extra large!

  3. 3. DIY Wine/Liquor Bottle


    *Warning: Only do this if your boyfriend is turning 21+ years old*

    Alex’s favorite party wine is pink Moscato so I bought a bottle to decorate and give to him. I painted the entire bottle with his favorite colors and created a new label with his birth date and loving words to glue over the top, similar to how a real wine bottle is decorated. We both hate the messiness of glitter so I neglected to use it but that’s definitely an option for you! I only suggest that you add a decent layer of mod podge on the outside to seal the design in. The wine was gone pretty quickly but even though months have passed he still has it on display in his room and he loves reading the message displayed on the top. 

  4. My boyfriend is pretty into his health and fitness in general so it only makes sense that I would get him something he could use to cook with! Despite wanting to be a Master Chef in the kitchen, he finds cooking to be too much of a hassle and often opts to eat out or meal prep with me. I decided to buy him a steaming I found on Amazon where he can steam all kinds of vegetables but specifically salmon, his favorite. In the weeks after I gave this to him he has become a salmon fanatic, eating it all of the time because of the convenience of this product. 

  5. I was reluctant to put this one on the list just because of how cliche it is compared to the others on this list but at Alex's insistence I decided to add it! Yes, some boys do love basketball and yes, sometimes they like video games, but is the combination of both really that easy of a present to get? For Alex the answer was a resounding: "Yes!" Alex was over the moon when I gave him this game and I’m so happy I decided to give it to him. The only warning I will give is to make sure you’re getting the right game for the type of system they own because being as technologically challenged as I am I almost made a huge mistake. 

Although I based this article mainly around the most recent birthday I celebrated with my boyfriend, this article can be used for anyone important to you in your life, even if they aren’t your significant other. If all else fails and you still have no idea what else to get that special person, just remember that they love you for you, not the quality of gift you can give them. My boyfriend has been just as excited for a large cookies and cream milkshake as he has been for a gift that I spent hundreds of dollars on. 

Don’t worry, you’ll find something perfect! 


with love, 

Tyra Warren