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Looking to Get in Touch with the Water? Join the Marine Adventures Club!

The Marine Adventures Club, or MAC, is a new club dropping anchor at USFSP. Headed by junior Krista Abbott with support from Professor Judkins of the Science department, the MAC, as the name suggests, is a club dedicated to getting in touch with the marine environment of our area, learning about marine science and the importance of conservation while having a roaring time out in the sun. Activities include, but are not limited to, kayaking, fishing, snorkeling, sailing, visits to different zoos and aquariums, and clean-ups of the beaches and estuaries. And we are open to many more ideas!

Majoring in Biology with a special interest in restoring coral reefs, Krista transferred to USFSP this semester and was surprised to learn that there were no clubs yet focused on marine science and conservation, and especially for divers.  With some encouragement from Professor Judkins, Krista decided to start her own club for students interested in marine or environmental science.

The club’s first official activity launches Tuesday April 23rd at 11 am, as they host a special tour of the Weatherbird II, a vessel docked by the sailboats on campus that is used by USF scientists and professors for research. All USFSP students and staff are welcome to come to the Waterfront where volunteers will take them aboard. This event is co-sponsored by FIO and cannot be missed!

If you’re looking to become a member of the MAC, or just have questions, contact Krista at (727) 255-9842, or e-mail her at kristaabbott@mail.usf.edu.




Image found here: http://www1.usfsp.edu/waterfront/scuba.htm.

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