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A picture of Trader Joe's fall Goods
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Trader Joe’s Must Haves: Fall Edition

Come one, come all…it’s officially fall and Trader Joe’s is ready to celebrate!

With the weather getting cooler, be prepared to cozy up with the best fall has to offer. From the best Apple Cider Fruit Spread to the classic Pumpkin Spice Pumpkin Seeds, our beloved friend Joe made this September a little sweeter. Without further ado, here’s a countdown to the top ten fall must-haves from Trader Joes:

Pumpkin spiced pumpkin seeds

…Now try saying that ten times fast.

This delightful travel-size snack not only gives the most fall has to offer with its pumpkin-spiced delightfulness, but also adds a healthy twist on the flavor of the season. Packed with protein from the original pumpkin seed source, these make the perfect pick-me-up snack and an even better topping to any dessert.

Pumpkin rolls with cinnamon icing

Need I say more? Whether you’re recovering the morning after a long night in the city, or just want to elevate your Sunday morning breakfast, these are your new go-to. Five ready-to-bake rolls for just $3.99.

Apple cider fruit spread

Attention all cider lovers! You can now add this classic fall favorite on your toast, pancakes, waffles, muffin, and just about anything your heart desires. While it may not claim so on the label’s packaging, this jam-like spread makes everything ten times better.

Pumpkin waffles

Remember that Apple Cider Fruit Spread? Well, this is its partner-in-crime. Pop these in the toaster for a quick morning breakfast that makes all the difference for the day ahead.

Pumpkin ravioli

This sweet ravioli goes perfectly when paired with homemade tomato sauce, a light creamy alfredo, or even olive oil and spices. Whichever pairing you feel is best will surely do this entrée justice.

Cinnamon Whisks

There’s nothing like coming home to the smell of fall after a long day. For only 99 cents, these mini whisk bundles fill an entire room with the aroma of cinnamon. Splurge for the large cinnamon broom to enhance the warm feeling fall has to offer!

Spiced Cider

A classic staple in the kitchen during the holiday season. I sautée this with sliced honey crisp apples and cinnamon until warm, but this cider tastes great straight out of the bottle hot or cold, whatever you fancy!

Pumpkin Spiced Hummus

Elevate your charcuterie boards this fall with the most festive hummus! You won’t regret buying this dip that borders the line between snack and dessert.

Pumpkin and pancake waffle mix

The variety offered by this mix is irresistible, and it is definitely an item that should become a pantry staple in all households.

Pumpkin Brioche

Sweet, fluffy, festive. Everything you need in the fall season is here, with this delicious pumpkin brioche.

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