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It is that time of year again! After basking in the sun at Baker Beach all summer long or returning back to San Francisco from your hometown, Fall semester is here! Falling back into the school routine can be difficult, especially after almost 3 months off from school. So, let’s talk about how to successfully do that!

Step #1: Get Familiar With Your New Classes

New classes, new teachers and new classrooms. Before your first day of classes, familiarize yourself with each class you are in and what to expect for the rest of the semester. Some professors upload their syllabus and other content onto Canvas before the first day of school, so go over Canvas before your first day if you can. Along with going over your syllabus and future assignments, try to obtain all of the materials and textbooks you will need for your classes as well.

While some may be returning to in-person classes after a year away, for others this will be their very first time stepping foot on campus! Your college website should have resources available for you to navigate through the many buildings. I, myself, will be new to the USF campus this semester. I have prepared myself to get around campus by going over the campus map and driving directions to figure out the best route for my commute to make sure I am on time.

Step #2: Organization

The night before the first day of class, organize all of your materials and school bag! Create a mental checklist of everything you will need to conquer the day and set it out in front of you before packing it away. I usually bring my iPad, a notebook or planner, pencils and pens. Despite the return of in-person classes, San Francisco has issued Health Orders requiring masks indoors. With that, making sure you pack yourself an extra mask would be essential and do not forget the hand sanitizer!

Step #3: Recharge!

Going back into the swing of things can be very stressful and both mentally and physically exhausting. It is important to prioritize your mental and physical health alongside your education. The first weeks of classes are overwhelming at times and can lead to burnout. Remember to give yourself breaks and make time to recharge. Whether it be exercising, sleep, meditation, or working on your hobbies, self care is just as important as your homework and studies!

fresh and set new goals. As long as I have followed these steps, starting a new semester has been significantly less difficult and more exciting! It is another semester closer to graduating, another semester to meet new people and have new opportunities. I hope everyone starts the new semester right!

Hi! I'm Kristina, Social Media & Publicity Director of Her Campus at the University of San Francisco.
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