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Chi-Town Computer Science Cutie: Amara Kelikian

Hometown: Chicago, IllinoisYear: FreshmanMajor: Computer ScienceRelationship status: Single (and still preparing to mingle…)

What do you like to do in your free time?I usually prefer to be alone in my free time, in which I enjoy reading a few pages of a book until I fall asleep, watching a few minutes of a show until I fall asleep, and doing yoga or stuff that makes me feel connected to my senses/mother nature/trees. Sometimes, if I’ve got more Abes than usual in my bank account, I like to go to a trendy restaurant and buy a $8.50-10.00 sandwich, eat it, and then contemplate the negative effects of materialism and how it has infiltrated humans most basic needs, such as sandwhiches. I also like to talk to my mom and dad, and/or do my taxes when I get some quality time to myself.

What made you want to move out to California? The prescence of SUNSHINE and lack of SNOW.

What’s the biggest difference between Chicago and SF?Obviously weather, but I’ll spice up my answer a bit more than that. I’d day that the biggest difference between Chicago and San Francisco are their seperate urban dynamics. The architecture, people, and bustle of Chicago give it a real “big city” feel, as opposed to the quaint and more mellow mood more commonly found here in San Francisco. San Francisco is much more varied in what it has to offer as an urban landscape, from suburban-feeling districts to its busy downtown to its wooded thickets, San Francisco is a city that really gives off a more diverse, European vibe as supposed to a big city atmosphere.

What activities are you involved in on campus?I’m involved with the philanthropy commitee within my sorority (Delta Zeta), along with the Pre-American Medical Student Association, and Women in Computer Science club. I also recently joined the Astronomy club, Outdoor and Environmental Justice club, and the Gender Equality Solidarity club, so I’m excited to get more involved with and find my niche within those associations this semester.

What do you look for in a relationship?Someone who respects and understands me, laughs at my jokes, and knows how to make a mean coleslaw.

What’s your “type”?

Although I like to think that I ain’t got no type, the fact that bad-bads are the only thing that I like is a truth that ellucidates itself to my at the end of each and every day.

Have you ever been on a Tinder Date?Yes, and I got a free hot chocolate out of it! (Just kidding, I am an independent & self-sufficient woman so I bought my own cocoa, but ya…)

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?In 10 years, I see myself turning 29 in just a little over a month, thinking to myself, “Gosh, where did the time go? Just a mere 10 years ago I was filling out a souvenir, taking on the role of Zorba as I predicted my life 10 years into the future…”. While having such inner dialogue, I will be on my way to my pilates studio, yoga mat slung over one shoulder while I tote my baby Birkin on the other. Men and women alike pass by, anagolously stunned and zealous of my good looks. As I near the studio, I sassily take my Tom Ford glasses off my face, using my hand decked out in Cartier rings and a fat Rolex watch. As the handsome doorman opens the big glass door for me, I continue to saunter onto a 24 karat walkway as RiRi and BeyBey link arms with me. I am in a 2 Chainz rap video…that’s where I’ll be in ten years.

What are some of your goals?I have a lot of goals, long-term and short-term, as we all do. But some of my more prevalent goals include become more socially and politically aware and educated with the world I live in, building a greater self-appreciation and kindness for my body and mind, and finding a passion in which I can transform into a future career.

When’s the last time you laughed so hard you cried?Last Tuesday, in the middle of the night mid-REM as I dreamt that I was a patron watching my own stand-up comedy bit.

What’s one of your favorite memories at USF? One of my favorite memories at USF is the tater tots. 

Is the best version of herself while sipping coffee in Alamo Square Park, rereading Mindy Kaling's books.
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