What I Learned From My First Internship

Last spring semester, I landed my first internship working with the public relations department of an advertising agency in downtown St. Petersburg. It was an amazing opportunity that I am so grateful to have been part of, and it also taught me a lot as well. 

Photo courtesy of stpeterising.com

Working in PR, I always thought everyday would bring something different to the table. It turned out that wasn’t the case, as my daily routine consisted of creating media lists and writing press releases and emails (lots and lots of emails). Even though the work could get quite challenging, I developed a routine that I wasn’t expecting to create. Sometimes it could get boring, but I ended up learning more about public relations because of it. 

Photo courtesy of lastwordofnothing.com

While working in PR does involve a lot of communication, whether that be with clients or your co-workers, I spent a lot of time by myself. I thought I would never have a second to myself to collect my thoughts, but about half the time I was alone at my desk, writing away. It made me realize the importance of balancing working independently and working with others. 

Photo courtesy of expertise.com 

While interning, I found out that I don’t like public relations as much as I thought I would. Even though I did enjoy the work and I did learn a lot from the people who worked at the agency, I wasn’t as in love with the work I did for PR compared to advertising. This internship taught me that I should take more advertising classes within my major and pursue an internship with an ad agency because that is where my passion lies.