Runway Rundown: 5 of Milan’s Fashion Week Best Runway Looks

Milan’s Fashion week kicked off strong with designer showcasing their new collections for Spring 2020. With so many different runway themes and styles, it can be hard to choose the best ones, but there are clear winners from this event that are worth mentioning.

  1. 1. Moschino

    Moschino is known for crafting bold, eccentric designs, and this collection was inspired by an artist who modeled those elements: Pablo Picasso. Moschino’s runway turned into walking art with strokes of paint in the hair of the models and perfectly sculpted clothes. Although it was hard to choose the best look from the show, this dress with a glove sleeve on one hand caught my eye the most and illustrated Picasso’s unconventionality. 

  2. 2. Max Mara 

    Max Mara’s new Spring collection featured a lot of gray suits and tailored pieces fit for a spy. But pastel colors had an important part in the runway. Complete pastel looks were seen on Bella Hadid, Gigi Hadid and Kaia Gerber who wore long silky gowns and they were the ultimate touch for Max Mara’s theme. 

  3. 3. Versace

    Donatella Versace’s new collection featured little black dresses, padded shoulders and jungle prints. But the star of the show was Jennifer Lopez, who made the runway her red carpet in a recreation of the infamous “jungle dress” she wore to the VMAs about 20 years ago. The new version of this green dress has cutouts and no sleeves, but is equally as stunning on J. Lo as it was two decades ago. 

  4. 4. Etro

    Veronica Etro is known for her Boho and romantic chic style. Etro’s runway didn’t shy away from including flowing dresses and ruffled pieces, a staple for their hippie-like style. But the pirate-inspired looks featured on their catwalk were show-stoppers. This dress in particular was my favorite. Its combination of the kimono-like style and the pirate-like designs with the collar and the chunky belt makes it the winning look of the collection. 

  5. 5. Giorgio Armani 

    Armani’s catwalk was a nature-lover’s fashion paradise. The fierce collection had layered beaded necklaces, leaf prints, tulle scarves and beautiful hues of blue, pink and purple. The pictured look combined all of those different features of the show. The linear gown, in my opinion, was the perfect silhouette for a chaotic, gentle and nature oriented outfit. 

Which of these runway looks did you like the most?