Four Footwear Favorites: PFW Edition

The last of the Spring 2020 collections were finally revealed in this season's last stop, Paris. Once again, the runway witnessed many looks from designers known worldwide. Paris Fashion Week introduced many new different styles of footwear, but these four are most worthy of mentioning.  

  1. 1. Faux Leather Snakeskin Boots

    Snake patterns are being incorporated in every article of clothing. The best thing that this trend has brought is faux leather snakeskin boots. Whether it’s knee-high boots or ankle booties, snake leather has taken over footwear on runways. Paris Fashion Week was no exception. The Celine Spring 2020 collection displayed two different knee-high faux snakeskin boots. One of these boots was dark brown with lighter brown incorporation while the other was a full-on black boot that displayed the scaly pattern of snakeskin. 

  2. 2. Heeled Loafers

    Suits on women have been quite a powerful fashion movement. Suits tend to be matched with loafers or heels, but rather than choosing one or the other, heeled loafers are now a thing. Loewe’s Spring 2020 collection incorporated this piece in Paris Fashion Week. The simple, yet chic loafer has a 1960s vibe in all of its white and black glory. The bow in the middle contributes to its soft femininity while the chunky brown heel adds a strikingly bold statement. 

  3. 3. Heels with Stockings

    Heels with stockings might sound as horrid as socks with sandals, but this trend is not what it seems. This retro look was reintroduced on the runways of Chanel and Paco Rabanne, giving everyone a flashback to the craze that died in the 1980s. Open and closed-toed shoes were matched with both bold and minimalistic colors, accentuating the overall look. These multicolored heels from the Paco Rabanne Spring 2020 collection contrast heavily with the bright blue stockings. Although this might not be an everyday look, it might be a go-to whenever you feel the need to make a statement. 

  4. 4. Strappy Sandals

    Sometimes new styles are not really what makes a piece stand out. The simplicity of strappy sandals makes this footwear an all-time favorite. The PFW runway witnessed many shoes of this style, but my personal favorite is from the Valentino Spring 2020 collection. The beige color of the sandals makes it easy to match with any outfit of any color. The heel and strap of the sandals are intricately braided and intertwined while still keeping the piece minimalistic and simple. 

Which of these was your favorite?