6 Ways to Find the Cheapest Flights

October is the time to buy cheap plane tickets for winter break! Prices tend to skyrocket because a lot of people will wait till last minute to buy. Here are some must-know tips if you are looking for a cheap plane ticket!

  1. 1. Use apps.

    For the average college student, spending hours looking for flights can put a strain on your schoolwork and outside activities. However, apps are making it easier for students to do more in less time. In particular, the app called Hopper will keep an eye on a specific flight for you and alert you when the price has dropped. It also gives an estimate price point for how much the price will decrease during a particular period. 

  2. 2. Buy one-way tickets only.

    Another tip to note is that the next time you are looking to buy a flight, don’t purchase a roundtrip flight. Since the trip is planned out, it will be more expensive. Buying a one-way ticket will always be cheaper, no matter where you look!

  3. 3. Yes, there are student discounts!

    Who doesn’t love a good discount? If you are a college student and love discounts, start calling up airlines and asking them if they have any. Airlines such as Delta offer student discounts, which can make a big difference when flying.

  4. 4. Watch out for hidden fees.

    Compare airlines to each other. Some flights such as Spirit may be very cheap but hide the fact that passengers have to pay between $25-$55 for baggage. However, airlines like Southwest don't charge an extra baggage fee.Another perk that Southwest offers is the ability for a free ticket change as well as a free same-day ticket. 

  5. 5. Be flexible. 

    Ultimately, it's best to be flexible with dates because when a certain amount of people buy a particular flight at the same time, the trip will increase in price. It happened to me when 15 of us were trying to get on the same plane to study abroad. It skyrocketed from $220 to $1000 in a matter of days. Remember to check the dates before and after that date because the rates could differ a lot. 

  6. 6. Choose your flight dates carefully.

    The best times to buy are on Tuesdays and Thursdays! Fridays and Sundays are the busiest times of the week to fly because everyone is trying to get home. Remember, show up to the airport early, so that you can have a relaxing trip! 

Happy traveling!