6 Things You Should Know About Season Five of Peaky Blinders

The bad boys of Birmingham are BACK! “Peaky Blinders” is by far my favorite show on right now, so when my best friend texted me that it was on Netflix, I raced home so I could watch it. 

Through the seasons, we’ve seen the Peaky Blinders go from a back-street razor gang to a more refined, legitimate enterprise. The Peaky Blinders, led by the Shelby family and more specifically Tommy Shelby, have been through their share of obstacles, and season five is no different. This season takes a different angle than previous ones, but in my opinion, it is just as good, if not better than previous seasons! From the incredible acting and cinematography to the music, season five did not disappoint and is 100000% worth your time to watch! Here are six things you should know about the newest season. 



  1. 1. The Shelbys are reeling after the stock market crash.

    Black Tuesday (the stock market crash of 1929) has hit the family hard, mostly because of Michael Gray not selling the stock the family had. This causes a rift between Michael and the rest of the family, especially with Tommy. Throughout the season, there is a power struggle between the two, which eventually comes to a head in the last episode. This sudden loss of money also leads the Shelbys to have to find other ways to generate some cash.

  2. 2. Sam Claflin is the villain.

    Yeah, the guy from “The Hunger Games” and “Love, Rosie” is the villain this season. This show has had some bad guys, from dirty cops, gang leaders, mafia dons, etc., but there is something about Claflin’s character Oswald Mosby (a real person who created the British Union of Fascists) that is especially evil.

  3. 3. Tommy and Lizzie are married. 

    The last time we saw Tommy and Lizzie, she had his baby and was waiting for him as he became a member of parliament. Now they are married, and their daughter Ruby has grown up. Lizzie has been a constant figure in past seasons, and now she has become more of a centralized character and a major part of the Shelby family. This season explores her unique and often complicated relationship with Tommy. 

  4. 4. Tommy struggles with his demons.

    It’s no secret that the horrors of the war had stayed with Tommy, but this season dives deep into the inner turmoil he undergoes. At the top of his game, Tommy is more paranoid than ever, and on more than one occasion almost takes his own life. To dull his pain, he takes opioids and often hallucinates, seeing Grace, his former wife who was shot and killed. 

  5. 5. A new gang joins the show.

    This season, a new gang is introduced: the Billy Boys, which was a real-life protestant razor gang based in Glasgow, Scotland. The Billy Boys play a big role in this season, starting with an unfortunate event that effects members of the Peaky Blinders directly and their close connections to Tommy's enemy, Oswald Mosby. 

  6. 6. The ending is INSANE. 

    The ending to this season is insane! I got so used to the Shelbys coming out on top that this ending came as a shock. There’s blood, death and betrayal when an assassination attempt goes awry. Tommy knows someone betrayed him, but the only question left is who?