Must Have Apps for Every Collegiette

After numerous Netflix marathons during the holidays, we have to face the fact that its time to go back to school, collegiettes. It’s not bizarre that once again we find ourselves planning and making school-related resolutions; that vary from “I’m going to be more organized” to “I’m going to ace more tests ” and “I’m going to exercise three times a week” to “I’m not going skip or be late to class again”. As college students we find ourselves setting goals to be as productive as we can along the semester, but as we are making plans without taking in consideration any external “noise” – like my phonetic's professor used to say. In the semester many things happen that force us to make arrangements to our main plan, so we find ourselves getting rid of those resolutions halfway.

With this said I decided to create a list of different apps (for iOS and Android) that will definitely help you stay in track and have a more productive semester. From study references to mobile scanners, here are some apps I consider advantageous for college students.