A Drag Queen Halloween

Halloween is a holiday loved by many. Its whole purpose is to dress up and transform into something or someone other than yourself for the mere act of having fun and enjoying yourself. People come out to celebrate their favorite characters, their mischievous sides, and some even present better versions of themselves. During that night, nothing is off limits.

Halloween enthusiasts often take this night as an opportunity to let their talents shine through their costumes. They do so by carefully preparing themselves ahead of time and letting their creativity speak for their talents. One community that is known for going all out in Halloween is the LGBTQ+ community, particularly drag queens. These fabulous divas are known to own this night and be the ones who set the bar for the best costumes of the night. Being able to set these standards is no easy task; and if there is someone who knows what this is like, is Dinorah J’adore. We sat down with Juan Carlos, the man behind the ego to talk about a Halloween night in the life of a drag queen.

Juan Carlos González Ramos, a.k.a. Dinorah J’adore, has been a drag queen for over six years, he has won many awards and talent competitions with his eccentric concepts and extravagant skills. “Halloween is the night all drag queens look forward to,” expressed Juan Carlos: “it is a night where we exploit our creativity to the max, by giving life to out-of-this-world characters and alter egos, who only come out for this night.”

Juan Carlos is a lover of all things Halloween. The inspiration for his alter ego came after a Halloween night and ever since then, he makes sure to prepare himself for the biggest night of the year. The process is one of constant brainstorming and crafting several days before that big night. It all starts with a bit of research. Juan Carlos takes his time deciding which concepts to produce based on what's hot at the time, or what is more likely to catch everyone's attention. “The goal is to be the main attraction; all eyes must be on you to prove that you have the fiercest costume of all.”

He starts off by picking a concept, and from there, he moves on to designing. Usually, his concepts are adapted to fit his alter ego's personality, “it's gotta have a twist, you have to make it your own.” Being 6’ 3”, standing out is not a problem.  However, Juan’s costumes have to be adapted to fit his body and personality to make it “drag queen-worthy.” Then comes the fun part, building his costume. “Hot glue is your best friend,” says Juan; unless you are willing to spend $200+ for someone to make your costume, “you have to make-do with what you already have.” Although drag queens are sure to spend a lot of money in the production of a costume, some of them are likely to have more than one costume for different parties in the same night.

This comes to no surprise: drag queens do not play around when it comes to their night.

Not just their night, Halloween is also an exceptional holiday for the whole LGBTQ+ community. This night offers a safe space to be who they are, free of judgement. “Halloween is a night where all inhibitions are tossed out the window and everyone acts freely; it is one of the few nights where we feel accepted and even celebrated so, of course we have to enjoy it.”

The night is dedicated to “serving face and serving body,” says Juan. Drag queens parade around town showing off their creations and soaking in their spotlight. From Nova Ley to Plaza Colón, you'll surely see drag queens in all their glory this Halloween. Needless to say, there really isn't a more fitting holiday for drag queens than a night where everyone gets to dress up in costumes and wear loads of makeup. A tip for those of you going out this Halloween, have fun, be safe, be respectful, and take a picture with all the drag queens you can!