Things You Feel When It's Your Last Semester

FINALLY! YOU WILL GRADUATE! You will be graduating in May! Although, it wasn’t an emotionally stable process. The last semester of your college years made you a whole rollercoaster of emotions…


You were so excited of not having to go through the prematrícula process again: NO MORE PUTTYTEL! You could finally chill, take it easy during the semester and b r e a t h e. No more stress because you already had paid those $27 to reserve your graduation spot. Nothing could stop you!


"What if I fail my classes? What if I'm missing an elective and will have to wait until December to get my diploma?! What if I don't get into grad school? What if my G.P.A. betrays me? Did I do enough during my Bachelor's? Can I do more to compensate for lost time in 4 months? Do I really need to get another loan? SO. MUCH. DEBT."


The thought of leaving behind old friends, new life changes, growing up... it got to you. You realized that you were growing to be a new person, with a new lifestyle and with new responsabilities. You eventually got scared and just didn't want to think about it.


You decided to forget about all of the negative stuff becasue your friends and family love and support you. You were finally going to get your degree! Who can ruin that? Nobody! You couldn't wait until June; you just wanted to sit in a toga next to more smart people and be extremely happy.


Your jueves de jangueo's are not going to be the same anymore... How could you lie to yourself? Puerto Rico's economic crisis isn't going to help you get employed. Is there any hope? You just cried about everything. It was too many emotions and you decided to be sad. It finally hit you.


"I don't have to graduate. I don't even like what I studied. I don't need grad school. I can live under a bridge. I'm not good enough for what's to come. I don't want to be the baby of the grown up, real world..."


After all that crying, denial, anxiousness and other negative thoughts: YOU DID IT! You will finally graduate! You never lost faith in yourself! You were always your #1 cheerleader! Never doubted your intelligence, cleverness, your future... HA! Thing is none of that stuff mattered, because they kept you going and now, in a few weeks, you will be singing your University's anthem in an off-key voice, proud to be who you are and how far you've come!


Congratulations, grad! You did it!