Spring Fashion Tips!

Spring is finally here! That means floral patterns, skirts and shorts, cute sandals and pretty nails and hairstyles! Since we're not all fashion forward, nor have the same tastes and styles, here are some tips on how to add a little Spring to your outfits.


Flower power

Skirts, shorts, shirts and dresses: anything as long as it’s flower patterned! Some patterns are more heavy looking than others, so it's up to you how you want to style it. We recommend you wear busy patterns with a solid clothing piece and use lighter patterns to play with.


Bright, vivid, earthy

Pantone, authority on color for accurate communication, released the color pattern for 2017 and described it as bright, vivid and earthy! If you feel like being “in” and communicating visually through your outfits, this is the color palette for you. If you're not feeling it, any color will do, really!


Mix and match

It's Spring! Get playful! Express your uniqueness and creativity with fresh outfits. Here are some inspirations!


Sheer minimalist

Flaunt what you’ve got! Embrace your body and underdress. Captivate society with your smile and personality. These outfits are a big plus because, with the right choice of colors, they are very versatile!



Stripes are tricky to wear though. Horizontal lines make you look bigger and with some awesome shoulders, while vertical lines make you look taller and slimmer. Play with the different colors and patterns to play mind games with people.



Contrasting colors, au natural, dual tones, pineapples and flowers! Nails are very fun to style and versatile at the same time because they don't necessarily have to match your outfit nor match each other. Wear as you please!


Closed vs open-toed

Shoes! A girl's best friend! Spring is THE best shoe season because you can wear sandals, sneakers, booties, platforms or high heels and still make sense all day! Do keep in mind that some shoes can hurt your feet and require medical attention. Comfort before fashion.


We can't really tell you what to wear or how to wear it, nor when to wear it, but we can tell you what is up with the fashion world this Spring 2017! It's up to you to style how you please and feel beautiful in whatever makes you comfortable. We look forward to admiring your outfits! Enjoy Spring!