Make the Switch! 10 Eco-Friendly Products You Should Own

Plastic pollution is no joke. Out of all the plastic waste, only 9% is likely to be recycled, 12% incinerated, and the remaining 79% of plastic is bound to end up accumulated on land or in our oceans. Over a hundred thousand marine wildlife animals die each year due to this issue. Earth has quite literally become a planet of plastic consumption and waste. This may sound overwhelming and discouraging; but, if you think the problem is too big for you to make a difference, think again. Here’s a list of ten eco-friendly products for you to replace those plastic ones that are just not doing the environment any good. 

  1. 1. Reusable water bottles

    lemon water in glasses on marble countertop

    Hydration is key for a healthy lifestyle, but taking out your wallet for a dollar and spending it on countless water bottles when you’re thirsty on-the-go is ultimately filling the garbage and the planet with more waste. An easy way to prevent this is by getting yourself a stainless steel water bottle. There are so many bottles to choose from, depending on your favorite color and style. Personally, I’ve seen a huge variety of cute water bottles at Marshalls and TJMaxx that you should totally check out. And if you’re wondering which are the best eco-friendly water bottles today, check out this article by Eco Watch

  2. 2. Bamboo toothbrush

    set of natural toiletries

    A great substitute to those traditional plastic brushes you use twice a day is a naturally beautiful bamboo toothbrush. The problem with conventional toothbrushes is that they’re made of different types of plastics, so they're unrecyclable and may take up to 400 years to decompose. But the bamboo toothbrush reduces environmental pollution and plastic waste in our oceans, uses eco-friendly materials, and it has antibacterial properties as well. By using this alternative to plastic toothbrushes, you are keeping your mouth and the planet protected. It’s a win-win situation for both!

  3. 3. Reusable shopping bags

    glass bottles in Reusable bag

    You can literally find these anywhere today (both online or in store), or you can just use any old tote bag you may have. Grocery plastic bags ultimately end up in the trash, unless you use them for your bathroom trash can or to pack something up, but a great way to prevent your trash can from clogging up with these bags every time you go to the supermarket is by purchasing reusable shopping bags. You can choose from so many styles, depending on the color and/or design of your liking. 

  4. 4. Biodegradable phone cases

    I had never thought about this one before, but yes! Your phone, that thing you use all the time, needs a cover; and once you get one, it’ll probably need changing in a couple of months or in a year and a half. So, why not buy a biodegradable phone case? Pela is a company that creates these eco-friendly phone cases. Plus, their products are all so pretty, and this company sells styles for both iPhone and Android users. 

  5. 5. Reusable straws

    fruit smoothie in glass with metal straw

    If you like sipping your cool drinks under a tropical sun, then make sure you’re doing it the right way. Get yourself some reusable straws! The set usually comes with its own thin brush to clean the inside of the straw. We’re trying to reduce plastic waste as much as possible, and if we have stainless steel cutlery in our cabinets, why not have stainless steel straws too? 

  6. 6. Recycled toilet paper

    white tissue toilet paper roll

    Yes! It’s out there: 100% recycled toilet paper. The company, with its own creative and funny name, Who Gives a Crap, has forest friendly tissues, paper towels, and bamboo toilet paper as well. Each order comes with forty rolls, and though it might be a bit expensive and not practical to wait for a monthly shipping for your toilet paper, I think it’s pretty cool for you to know that this option exists.

  7. 7. Rechargeable batteries

    Batteries need changing from time to time. This includes your remote controllers, night lights, radios, and more. So, get yourself some rechargeable batteries and you never have to worry about buying new ones again. There is a long list to choose from!

  8. 8. Eco-friendly menstrual products

    Menstrual cup with flowers

    Menstrual products generate a lot of waste, and we inevitably have to use them for (approximately) a whole week each and every month for long and harrowing years of fertility… But! A great way to deal with this not-so-cool natural phenomenon is with eco-friendly menstrual products. Interested in all the options out there? Check out these 10 Eco-Friendly and Organic Menstrual Products to Try for inspiration!

  9. 9. Compostable cutlery and bowls

    Instead of buying those plastic cutlery sets for that party you're hosting, try compostable cutlery instead. Wooden cutlery from Greenwood has great products to choose from. But don’t stop there, get yourself compostable plates as well. We use these utensils on a daily basis, so go green with them! 

  10. 10. Cloth napkins

    We take napkins for granted, don’t we? Well, think again, ‘cause napkins are one of the items responsible for tree cutting and trash clogging scenarios. A great way to change this is by buying cloth napkins. You’ve seen them in fancy restaurants: those neat, diamond-shaped napkins on top of the plate. Why not have those in your house too? You just need to add them to your laundry list and voilà! Waste is reduced. 

These eco-friendly products prove how easy it can be to replace some of those consistent plastic products we use on a daily basis. It’s time to support businesses that are trying to save the environment and break away from the mass production that's oblivious to the dire consequences it's causing on our planet. Remember, you alone can make a huge difference by simply making the switch and helping to close the loop of plastic consumption.