How to Celebrate Thanksgiving During Quarantine

Thanksgiving is here, so let’s all gather around the table— oh, right! There’s a virus on the loose. We’ve been social-distancing for months now and many of us are eager to visit our extended family and our precious friends for this nostalgic time of the year. Thanksgiving often conjures memories of big and happy reunions, but is that possible this year? The answer is yes! However, creativity and safety measures are essential. Here are some ideas and precautions to keep in mind to celebrate Thanksgiving 2020!

  1. 1. Dinner time!

    Thanksgiving meal spread with turkey and sides

    The most recommended way to celebrate Thanksgiving this year is to celebrate it in your household, a.k.a the people you live with. Though Thanksgiving is known for those grand extended family reunions, these types of gatherings are unfortunately classified as a high-risk activity due to their nature of prolonged exposure.

    When done irresponsibly, an event like this can actually turn out to be the perfect storm for COVID-19 to spread and fester. However, having dinner with your housemate(s) is a great way to celebrate this festivity. You can help each other out in the kitchen with homemade recipes, set a fancy table with a little extraness using candles and mantels, and just be grateful to have someone to celebrate the season with. After all, that is what Thanksgiving is all about.

    What if you live on your own? Worry not. In this case, there’s no shame in joining a virtual dinner. Cook yourself a decent meal and call up a family member or a friend and have a screen-to-screen dinner gathering. There might be many other people you know and cherish that are worried about celebrating the day on their own and this is a great way to spend the holiday!

    If you have plenty of housemates to celebrate the day with, think of someone you might know that is living on their own and doesn’t have many options to celebrate. Invite them to join your table, even if it’s through a screen. It’s a great gesture that will lighten up the holiday spirit.

    Another great way to celebrate Thanksgiving with dinner is to deliver those godly recipes to family and friends. And don’t forget the thank you card! This is another lovely thing you can do; it’s a great holiday gift that shows a kind-hearted gesture. Also, in that basket of goods, along with the thank you card, you can always leave a family recipe dessert for them to try after dinner.

    But what about hosting the holiday by inviting people over to join your dinner? It’s possible to lower the risk of contagion and having that classic nostalgic gathering by following certain safety rules.

    First of all, try to keep it minimal. You can invite people over― but don’t invite all your cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, brothers and sisters, their kids, their dogs… you get it. Invite a small group of people, and contact them at least three weeks prior to the event. If they feel comfortable with assisting, have them take some or all of the following precautions: quarantine for two weeks before the event, be very strict with sanitary routines in and out of the household, keep a rigid social distance from others, shop exclusively online, and take a COVID-19 test before attending. 

    It might sound a bit hectic, but all of these things are necessary for prevention. Once you have your guests around your table, have them wear their masks or face shields and keep a light social distance regardless of the two weeks of self-lockdown prior to the event.

  2. 2. Entertainment

    WOC watching TV

    Well, you don’t want to spend the whole day stuffing yourself with what’s on the table. Though dinner might seem to be what Thanksgiving is all about, there are other ways to entertain yourself during the day. Flick on the TV and search for a streamed event or watch a holiday-themed movie. There are plenty of fun activities to do at home if you’re celebrating the day with your family or friends. 

    Another form of entertainment that follows Thanksgiving is Black Friday. Try to shop exclusively online. There are many great deals that you can see and use digitally, so do not risk contagion by going to Walmart. Order those holiday gifts from the safety of your home.

Don't stop celebrating!

Dinner, gathering and being thankful are essential for this awaited fall celebration. Don’t let the pandemic discourage you from having a loving festivity. During these clouded times, you can always find a silver lining and express it with gratitude on Thanksgiving, and every day after that.