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Five Tattoo Artists You Should Check Out on Instagram

Do you need inspiration for your next tattoo? Or, maybe you’re an ink-free, art enthusiast. Either way, you can spice up your Instagram feed by following these five pro-tattoo artists from all over the world.


1. William Fjellman

This tattoo artist is from Stockholm, Sweden. William Fjellman, aka Pastilliam, has a simple, sketch-like style. His designs are loaded with surreal imagery and satirical messages. He does black-line work with little to no shading. Fun fact: American singer-rapper Travis Scott copied one of Pastilliam’s designs and got it tatted by another tattoo artist… Not cool. You check his tattoo art out here.


2. Madame Buraka

Madame Buraka was born in Latvia and was then raised in Germany. Nowadays, she is constantly on the move and calls herself a “travel tattooist.” She takes appointments through her Instagram page and improvises a tattoo studio in her room. Her minimal, black-line drawings represent strong female characters who rock highly defined cheekbones and a lot of attitude. Fun fact: Madame Buraka was visiting the MoMa for a book fair and the art curator gave her permission to set up a tattoo studio so she could receive her clients from New York. Amazing!

Check out her tattoo art here.


3. Peter Aurisch

Tattoo artist Peter Aurisch is based in Berlin, Germany. His colorful, bold and abstract designs are highly inspired by Picasso’s cubist style. He also takes inspiration from artists like Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele, and Joan Miró.

Check out his art here.


4. Pis Saro

Pis Saro is a tattooist and a botanical artist from Russia. She uses watercolor technique to create gorgeous, realistic floral tattoos. Her designs are very soft looking because she doesn’t trace the outline. If you are not ready for a lifelong commitment, you can wear her work as temporary tattoos; just head over to her shop.

As for checking out her tattoo art, click here.


5. Olie Siiz

Olie Siiz has a colorful take on neo-traditional tattoo art. She is very detail-oriented and her work is absolutely flawless! She currently works at Prism tattoo studio in Warsaw, Poland. You can check out her art here.


These tattoo artists are definitely taking the art of tattooing to the next level with their original designs and unique, creative styles. 

I love everything art. Coffee is also nice. 
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