Fine Art Friday: Oh, What A Single Song Hides

The only sound that could be heard that night was the low humming of the piano keys that slowly played the song that they withheld. The illumination was soft enough for the shadows to poke in the golden lights of the theater. The melancholic tune echoed through the ears of everybody who had the grace of finding seats and, there they were. Sitting and holding hands. He played the chords of the familiar tune on her knuckles as if he were the one on stage. Which made her smile, something that she tried and hides, for she didn’t want anyone else to share that moment between them.

The way they locked eyes was time stopping. They felt as if the song played only and just for them. As if it were the background music of their own story. The song no longer played at her knuckles, but at her lips, leaving hints of a kiss on them. Something that made her blush in happiness. Anything and everything was being felt that night. She rested her head on his shoulder to enjoy the last bit of what was left of the song.

Their bodies vibrated trying to hide the feeling of wanting to be closer, their lips kept the secret of wanting to be at last, together, but the tune kept playing through them and restraining them from something else. Their eyes were lost once more in the honey color of the dancing lights of the stage, but both of them knew that they desired to love each other for more than one song. Their hands played together entangling more than their fingers.

Paranoia filled them as the heard the sound faintly disappearing, the thought of the moment is over at the same time the song ended, crushed them. They couldn’t restrain themselves from desperately tightened their grip on each other’s hands as the moment ended as if it were a signal. The last few chords left of the song lasted a small eternity, filled with feelings they didn’t understand and just like that the song was over. The perfect happy moment between them was interrupted by an uproar of applause and nobody else knew what that single song hid, but them.