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Budgeting: I Survived Lunch With $20 For The Week

Do we know how budgeting works? Is it easy to eat good and healthy and not blow our wallets? How does a college student spend $20 on food or less at La IUPI? I tried it and this is what happened!


I had my heart settled on pizza, so I could start off the week right. But, my crush spontaneously told me he was taking me out for some Chinese food. Lucky me, he paid for my pollo al ajillo, but I just had to buy a big side of tostones because tostones are life!

Total spent:


I had brought a sports drink with me so I wouldn’t have to spend on a drink for lunch, but I went to El Mole Mexican food truck and they had a lunch special that included a bottled water. I ate my burrito, drank my sports drink and kept the water for the next day.

Total spent:


This is the hardest day for me to lunch because I only have 50 minutes or less to buy and eat my food; and for some reason, Merendero #4, which is my favorite,  closes early on Wednesdays. So, I had to order a burger at Cositas Ricas, which was good, by the way… remember yesterday’s bottled water?

Total spent:


Today was a good day, which is also a synonym for pizza! I was craving a cheese pizza so bad that I went to Pizza Mobile and just sat there and ate my pizza like normal people do: with their hands! I’m one of those weirdos that use utensils to eat pizza. Hey, at least I don’t add pineapple chunks to it!

Total spent:

It wasn’t a bad week food wise, I was full and satisfied which each of my meals. I will say it was hard keeping track of the numbers, especially after an unbudgeted improv date. It’s not that hard to find good food at good prices around campus, there are still a lot more options one can visit… Personally, I find it amazing that I managed to not even consider to lunch Burger King. That’s a good sign, right?

Grand spending total:

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