10 Ways to Celebrate Halloween During Quarantine

Halloween is just around the corner, so we need to get our spooky hype on! 2020 might have been a little harsh on us due to the pandemic crisis, but don’t let COVID-19 discourage you from safely celebrating one of your favorite holidays. This year, Halloween is on a Saturday and there’s even going to be a full moon! We mustn’t let that perfect coincidence go to waste. The fact that we should remain socially distanced does not mean that Halloween is forbidden. Halloween 2020 is going to be the best year yet, and here is a list of 10 spooky-tastic ideas for you to celebrate it.

  1. 1. Trick or Treat Drive-Thru

    Plan ahead with some of your closest friends and family members to have a trick or treat drive-thru. Coordinate the location and time to drive by a family member or friend’s driveway and have them set some Halloween goodies on their doorstep for you to pick up. You can leave them a special treat along with a Halloween-themed thank you card.

    This is a fun way to get your treats this Halloween. Who knows? Maybe you can pull a trick as well! If your house is the meeting spot, you could frighten your guests with a surprise spook. It’s an enjoyable experience, while maintaining social distancing. 

  2. 2. Netflix and Shiver!

    a girl in a chair saying halloween is cool

    A classic way to celebrate this ghostly night is to watch a scary movie. Turn on your screen of choice, make yourself some popcorn, and get ready to scream. There are so many great movies to watch! For a list of some scary classics, click here.

    I know, it may not feel the same due to social distancing, but who says you have to watch a film on your own? Call up your friends and host a Netflix party and have them join in on the fright with you. It’s a classic and fun way to get your adrenaline pumping as you stretch out on your sofa and abide by the lockdown.

  3. 3. Halloween Reading Hour

    girl reading on train

    For all you bookworms out there, this one's for you. Call up a friend; or, if you live with somebody, gather up with them, and have them choose their favorite scary passage of a book to read out loud. In this scenario, good acting is key. Read to build suspense. And if you’re with somebody, stimulate more tension by turning off the lights and flicking on a flashlight under your chin as you read. You could have an awesome conversation about your thoughts on the story afterwards.

  4. 4. Go ghosting

    Two Ghosts Standing in Front of a Brick Wall

    This one is similar to the trick or treat drive-thru, with the exception that you don’t need to wander out beyond your neighborhood. If you are close to your neighbors, set a basket with candy on their doorstep, knock on the door or ring the bell, and leave. Your neighbor takes the candy that they want and drops new treats and passes the basket on another doorstep to repeat the cycle. Of course, you’re going to have to coordinate this one as well. Besides being fun, it's pretty suspenseful to hear the door and receive a bag full of candy with not a soul on the doorstep. Try it!

  5. 5. Have a Fall Arts and Crafts session

    fall decor and assorted pumpkins

    Buy some materials and get creative! Search up some crafty ideas for fall decorations. You can decorate some pumpkins, make a leaf collage, or have a drawing competition with a roommate, a family member, or a close friend. The possibilities are endless when it comes to creativity. Let's get crafty!

  6. 6. Host a virtual party


    Video call your friends on Google Meets, Zoom, Skype, or the video chatting app that strikes your fancy, and have a blast! The only condition to join the hangout is to dress up. There are so many activities to engage in. You could do a scary movie trivia, a Halloween-themed session of charades, or play a more classic party game, such as Never Have I Ever or Two Truths and a Lie. 

    Another fun virtual activity could be a spooky scavenger hunt, which consists of listing some Halloween-themed items that you would usually find in a house, and have you and your friends search for them. You could either divide the party into groups, have them take pictures of the items and post them through a group chat, or follow along the scavenger hunt with your phone in hand. It's all up to you!

  7. 7. Mix a spooky cocktail

    Something that would go great with a scary movie, a haunting read, or a Halloween virtual party is a spooky cocktail! Check out some cool recipes online. Blow your friends and family away with a bloody drink that has frozen spiders in it.

  8. 8. Cook up a treat

    The cocktail is great, but it has to go down with something: a spooky treat! Whether it’ll be sweet or salty is your call to make. You don’t have to be a professional cook, just get yourself some cookie dough and an oven and you’re all set. When ready, decorate them with wacky designs, funny ghosts, and vampire faces. And don’t just eat them all yourself― share some with your friends and family (but if you want them all, nobody will judge).

  9. 9. Jam to a Halloween playlist

    Twitches gif

    Get your spook on with some tunes! Crank that radio up to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition,” Rihanna’s “Disturbia,” and so many more. Music can really lighten up your celebration, so make sure you have those cool tunes playing in the background. You could have a backtrack to your virtual party or play the songs as you cook up or craft.

  10. 10. Camp out!


    An unnervingly great way to finish up your night is to camp outside. If you have a backyard, put that tent up and let your imagination take flight. Have someone join you―be it in person or virtually―and talk about what you’re feeling, tell each other ghost stories, and laugh the tension away. It’s thrilling and unique.

There are many activities that you could do for this Halloween, and these are just a few. Don’t let the pandemic take your excitement away! On the contrary, think that it will be a different and unique celebration, in a positive way. So, go out there on Halloween, embrace the full moon, and have a spooktastic night!