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What on Earth is Going on in Bachelor in Paradise?!

Like most of you out there, I watch The Bachelor series to unwind and mindlessly follow along with the silly drama that occurs in such shows… but as a first-time Bachelor in Paradise watcher, I am STRESSED by all of these love triangles.

I think we need to unpack everything that happened last week.

First, Joe’s ex shows up.

Joe and Serena give me hope for this show. These two have withstood the challenges that come along with being a couple surrounded by other hot singles on a beach wishing to pursue whoever they can.

So why on EARTH would the producers bring in Joe’s ex?! Well, I know why, (ratings, money, c’mon people) but it was heartbreaking to see Serena struggling.

I think this situation proved Joe to be a true man. Joe and Kendall reminisced on their time in paradise and their relationship, but Joe ultimately directed the conversation to the conclusion that their relationship ended for the better, and he does not want to lose what he has with Serena.

Joe told Serena he plans to only remain friends with Kendall and does not think he has further feelings, promising to tell Serena if anything changes. The relationship is safe. Phew.

Noah and Abigail work things out.

As they should. The two were definitely overthinking things and seem to genuinely have feelings for each other. They agreed to have better communication, so one of the strongest couples on the beach remains solid.

And everyone is fighting over Kenny?

No offense, but why are so many of these beautiful women getting hung up on the 40-year-old man who had his junk out for the entire first episode? Beats me, but Mari unsuccessfully tried to get him back, leading to an upset Demi, who was then denied sex by a confused Kenny. Awkward.

In the end, Kenny goes back to Mari, leading to desperate pleas from Demi. What is it with this girl and having to convince everybody that she is more “fun” than anybody else in existence? In the end, maybe asking to go to the “Boom Boom Room” all the time isn’t the right way to win a man over.

The Natasha, Brendan, and Pieper situation.

Oh boy. Pieper was introduced with her first words being “I am here to see Brendan.”

After sparks flew immediately, Natasha knew what was up. She had questioned Brendan throughout the relationship, but it was now clear that his intentions were not pure.

I could type for hours about this situation, but the fact of the matter is that Brendan is a liar. He lied to Natasha and was only with her to pass the time until Pieper arrived, even confessing to Pieper that he got “annoyed” with Natasha.

Brendan and Pieper are the apparent villains of this show. If they choreographed this whole scheme for clout, they definitely failed, as they have lost over 100,000 combined instagram followers after the episodes aired.

In the end, I think we can agree that we never want to see those two on our screens again, and Natasha deserves SO much better.

Finally, Chris proves himself to be the worst of them all.

Well, Brendan might be even with him, but what Chris did at the “VIP” party was absolutely atrocious.

Almost immediately upon arriving at the party with Jessenia, someone he considered himself to be in a “strong relationship” with, he disappeared with Alana. The two exchanged a steamy kiss, and proceeded to make-out on the dance floor right in front of Jessenia. Talk about trash, right?

Once word of his behavior got around at the beach, and Chris on Alana went on the most awkward date I’ve ever seen in my life, the fellow cast members bully both of them off the beach. As they should.

In conclusion…

Both Brendan and Chris are pretty horrible. My main question throughout the second episode was why everybody seemed to care so much about what Chris did to Jessenia, but not what Brendan did to Natasha. Where’s the support for my girl Natasha?!

The preview for next week gave me hope that everybody would finally confront Brendan and Pieper and put together what we as the audience know.

For those of you who are also helplessly obsessed with one of the most ridiculous shows on cable, I wish us luck in the coming weeks.

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