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The “college experience” is something that has been short-lived for me, seeing as I transferred right before the start of the pandemic when I was 20. Now, I am 22 and I am finally going back to campus, joining organizations, and getting around to exploring social settings – thanks to my friends.

As a typically shy person with a bit of anxiety, going out is not always something I normally do. I really love staying in and watching TV shows or just reading a book in my bed. 

However, my friends are starting to get me out of my shell.

I came out as bisexual during the summer, and in full support, my friends expressed that they would love to take me out clubbing in Dallas. Hearing this made me nervous because I don’t know how to dance, I don’t really drink a lot, and overall it did not feel like my scene. Yet, plans were made, days were requested off work, and there we were.

They took me to Oak Lawn, better known as “the Gayborhood.” Right away, the nightlife there was nothing compared to what I am normally used to seeing in Deep Ellum. We got there at around 10 pm, and I still felt calm. Long lines outside of clubs, people walking down the street, others eating outside, and faint music coming from all directions.

We walked over to Station 4, since they had the shortest line, and we spent less than a minute outside. Stepping in, I was so unfamiliar with what was going on and simply looked at my friends and followed with what they were doing. I was feeling shaky simply getting my ID checked, and as my friend Sofia opened the doors to the club, the music was no longer faint. The quietness from outside dissipated and I felt I stepped foot into a movie scene. There were blue and green lights all over the dancefloor downstairs, and upstairs, there was a smaller bar and also a drag show going on. My friend Lalo and I went over and stood in the crowd and watched the queens perform. They did amazing, and they even did a tribute to Selena. In that moment, my shakiness disappeared as everyone started singing and dancing to Bidi Bidi Bom Bom. 

Since it was my first time, my friends bought my drinks, which I am still grateful for. Around midnight, the dance floor was getting packed and we all went and danced. My concerns about not knowing how to dance quickly went away because everyone was doing their own thing and just vibing. Ironically, it was the first time in my life that I had ever felt at ease in such a big, social setting with so many people.

Even if you are a shy, introverted person, such as myself, I do recommend this kind of experience with friends. A lot of the people are nice there; most people even come up and have a conversation with you with others joining in on your dancing or complementing your outfits. It’s a fun space to be in – and not as nerve-wracking scene as I thought it would be.

Hello, I'm Hayde! I am senior at the University of North Texas, majoring in Media Arts with a focus in editing and screenwriting. I am also minoring in English and Spanish.
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