A Letter To Our Future VP

Dear Madam Vice President,

Wow, I never thought I would be typing those words. It seems like just yesterday when Biden announced that you were going to be his running mate for his campaign. It was such a game-changer to see a biracial woman of color run for the vice president seat. From that moment on, you became a voice for so many women across this nation. Your outspokenness is a driving force that cannot be stopped and will not be stopped during your time in office. When you stood up to Vice President Pence during the Vice Presidential debate after he interrupted you, that was a moment that I will always remember for the rest of my life. The way that you called him out respectfully in front of the entire nation not only shows character but also shows that you care about the issues and are expressing ways that you can fix them. I admire you for who you are and what you stand for. You’re not only an inspiration to women, but you’re also a role model to those in minority groups, especially the Black and South Asian communities. Knowing that we have a half-black, half-Indian American woman as our new vice president is so refreshing to see. Every woman has been waiting for this moment for the longest time and now that moment will be happening in the next couple of months on Inauguration Day. There will be so many little girls watching you that day and saying to themselves “She looks just like me. I wanna be like her one day.” Because of you, the next generation of girls now wants to fight for change and even get involved in politics when they grow up. And it’s not just little girls. Women, like me, are also seeing themselves in you, and it’s so inspiring to see. I remember waking up the day that they announced that you and Vice President Biden were announced as the elects for the next term and feeling nothing but joy. In a way, that announcement was just so comforting for me and my family because now we have someone who is representing all of those in this country who identify as a minority. As I finish writing this letter, I just want to say that I am looking forward to what you and Vice President Biden can accomplish in the next four years. Thank you, Senator Harris, for not only being an inspiration to many but also being a voice for change. Here’s to the next four years!


One of many Kamalas