Vogue Endorses Their First Presidential Candidate

History is clearly in the making for this Presidential election, folks.  If you have not heard, Vogue has recently endorsed Hillary Clinton for President which is the first time the fashion magazine has ever endorsed a nominee. EVER. The legendary magazine has featured many stories following the candidate’s career so the selection is no surprise. I think this action shows just how crucial it is for everyone to go out and vote on November 8th. I know most people are not exactly thrilled with the nominees this time around but when it comes to the future of our country I think every media outlet is breaking their silence and breaking their standards to save what our country stands for. Hence the uncommon endorsement from a magazine that rarely dwells in the political world. Politics in general seem to be a private topic that people rarely engage in with each other but this election has changed the game.  It seems like every time somebody talks about their views somebody has to take offense or spew hate back at them.  Let’s just remember that we are all human and stay kind. Look past the hate and dig deep at what morals matter to you, and then go vote. Please go out and do so because it’s your right and your responsibility! Don’t think that one vote won’t do anything. In any election every vote counts.

I have linked Vogue’s endorsement article below and I recommend you check it out! It explains the reasons behind their decision and why they are voicing this endorsement for the first time.