Ellen Reminds America What's Important



When I was younger, I would watch the Ellen Show almost every day after school. I always thought she was truly funny and kind. Now that I’m older, I still think Ellen is a great person and a great entertainer, even though I disagree with her on some subjects and issues. 

This week, Ellen made news for a picture of her at a Dallas Cowboys game where she sat next to former Republican President George W. Bush and shared laughter. She received hate for the event and the picture. Haters decried Ellen’s actions on social media; they were angry that she could sit next to President Bush, who has extremely different political beliefs and angry that she could laugh with him. 

Ellen released a powerful (and funny) video defending the event and reminding us of what’s really important, and it’s not shunning people who are different. Ellen’s message to be kind should resonate with all Americans. “Be kind.” It’s easy to be kind to people with whom we agree. It’s harder, and maybe more valuable to be kind to people with whom we disagree. People with different ideas, religion, or politics doesn’t mean they are automatically evil or malicious. 

Ellen also received a lot of support from people on the left and on the right, saying that her actions and message are proof that there are good people who are truly kind, and it gives hope that intense polarization doesn’t have to cripple our society. 

By the two prominent figures who disagree on almost every issue being able to enjoy a football game together, laugh, and share a good experience without vilifying the other is an amazing example of faith in humanity and faith in America. We can and should be friends and be kind to people with whom we disagree. This story is a reminder of what is important, that we are all people capable of love and hate, but love is always more powerful.