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The Beauty of Baseball Games

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Baseball games are the most underrated sports games I’ve ever heard of. I’m not a big fan of basketball, nor am I of football (except the Superbowl), but what I am a big fan of is the Red Sox. I think many can relate to the fact that some sports are just difficult to comprehend. All the rules and movement are just too much for me personally. Baseball on the other hand is straight forward: three bases, home base and the outfield, not much else, and I’m a firm believer in simple goes a long way. Nothing brings me more joy than sitting in the sun with my friends or family watching a sport that I can actually understand. Now some might argue that baseball is boring, which sometimes they’re not completely wrong. Believe me, those nights sitting in the bleachers watching every player’s ball get caught by the other team is no fun, but every so often watching that certain player hit a home run just boosts my serotonin levels. I’m the type of person that sits in those stands just waiting for that moment, whether it’s the 3rd inning or the 9th, you can count on me to be sitting there waiting for that moment. Most of the time something like that happens but even if it doesn’t, I have never regretted going to a baseball game. Ever since I was little, I have always found a way to have fun at a baseball game. Catching a foul ball, laughing with my friends till my stomach hurts, singing “Sweet Caroline” with the crowd, or just sitting there with my dad enjoying the game itself, those are memories that I cherish most. I can’t tell you how ecstatic I am that starting today I get to add to those memories. So next time you find yourself at a baseball game, whether it’s the Red Sox or even the Yankees, just enjoy the people you’re with; you’ll never find yourself in such a unique crowd again. 

Paige Romsey is a sophomore at UNH and is studying Communication Sciences and Disorders.