With the busy lives we live, sometimes we forget to take a step back and reflect on all of our accomplishments. Thanks to Her Campus and all of their lovely sponsors over the last month Her Campus UNH has been able to really celebrate ourselves.


Using the #CelebrateYourself we had our writers and readers let us know what has made them proud about themselves lately. Take a look at our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on what your fellow Wildcats have been celebrating!



The lovely Her Campus sponsors also gave us something to celebrate...


Chipolte- With finals around the corner what better way to celebrate finishing up a class than a burrito from Chipotle with a friend. Thank you Chipotle for your buy one get one free cards!



Rich Bitch-Thank you Nicole Lapin for the copies of Rich Bitch. Graduating college is something major to celebrate. But once the celebrations are over it is time to seriously put your finances into perspective. With more responsibility than ever before, every college senior should read this book.



Chloe + Isabel- Celebrate your love of fashion by signing up a jewelry program from Chloe + Isabel! Thank you Chloe + Isabel for giving our readers the opportunity to sign up for your growth and empowerment program!


Boohoo- Thank you for letting us celebrate spring in New Hampshire! With the help of Boohoo ponchos walking to class in the rain was not as bad as excepted.



Crunch Live- With help from Crunch Live being fit has never been so easy. Crunch Live lets you access workouts on demand through your mobile device or laptop. How cool is that?



Blink Tattoos- Temporary tattoos have never been so cool. Thank you Blink Tattoos for our celebrity inspired tattoos.


The Her Campus Guide to College Life- Thank you Her Campus for all of the tips and advice to help us through the what are supposed to be the best four years of our lives. From how to get along with roommates to how to build your resume this book has it all.