Campus Cutie: Ezra Bashaw '14

Introducing this week's campus cutie Ezra, a senior exercise science major with a rockin' bod! He might not mention it in his bio, but this hottie is into body building and let me tell ya, we don't hate it ;). Not only is Ezra not picky when it comes to brunettes or blondes, but he also happens to be SINGLE. Maybe you can get this stud's attention at Scorps, and if you can't find him there it's because he might be at a UNH Hockey game. Let's get to know him!


Hometown: St. Albans, Vermont

Major: Exercise Science

UNH Life Residence: 50 Madbury

Best Class: Physiology of Exercise

Worst Class: Weaving the Web


Fun Facts

Biggest Pet Peeve: People who don't shut up in the library

Favorite Family Vacation: US Virgin Islands

Most embarrassing moment: I tried the impossible burger challenge at Fat Bellies in Portsmouth. Went into it pretty cocky.. didn't come close to finishing. Not only were my friends disappointed, but I disappointed the table of women cheering for me.

Favorite Movie: Contraband

Favorite Chick Flick: Crazy Stupid Love

Favorite TV Show: Homeland and Breaking Bad

Celeb Crush: Carrie Underwood

Man Crush: Zach Galifianakis

Dream Job: Sports Medicine for a professional sports team.

Favorite UNH sport: Hockey

Favorite hangout spot on campus: Scorps


Love Life

Single or Taken: Single

Ideal Girl: Smart, funny, motivated

Ideal Date: Dinner, drinks, and redbox

Deal Breaker: Cockiness

This or That:

Christensen or Williamson? Williamson

Philly or Hoco? Philly

DHOP or Dominoes? DHOP

Blondes or Brunettes? Both

Store 24 or CampCo? Freddy

Summer or Fall? Summer

Mac or PC? Mac

Advice to Freshmen: You only have 4 years

If you could pick the next Campus Cutie who would it be and why? Andrew Felicetti, if you don't know him you should #Filly #Stud #Mac&Cheese