Brothers Harry and Sam Markuse

Meet Harry and Sam Markuse, this week's campus cuties, who just so happen to be brothers!  These two didnt always get along, but since they have been at UNH together, they've gotten much closer (how cute!).  Read more to find out a little bit about the Markuse brothers (and hear a few funny stories from their past)!  And don't worry, ladies, these cuties are SINGLE!!


Hometown: Bedford MA


Harry: Paul ‘14Sam: Paul ‘17


Harry: Finance and Entrepreneurial StudiesSam: Marketing



UNH Life:


Harry: 28 Main StSam: Christiansen


Harry:  Done a lot over 4 years, but now just work, hangout with friends, and Bar hopSam:  Intermural Flag Football, Working out, and Playing guitar

Best Class

Harry: Private EquitySam: Voices of Modern China

Worst Class

Harry: Management Information SystemsSam: Management Information Systems, unbearable.


Did you always get along as kids?

No, we fought all the time. Harry gave me a severe concussion my junior year that ruined my chances of becoming an Olympic ice dancer.

Yea we fought all the time, got closer when I came to college. But he’s the little brother still fun to mess with him a little.

Do you have any funny stories about each other?

Sam: 2 weeks ago I borrowed his car and later that night he called me at 3AM and told me I was a dead man. Apparently some hoodlum had keyed his windshield and it was completely busted due to where I parked it. I woke up to a voicemail apology, it was in fact not a hoodlum but just really frozen.

Hary: Sam until about the age of 14 thought that the meaning of incense and Incest were reversed. So he would ask mother if she could light some of those good smelling “incest” around the house.

What is your favorite part of going to UNH together?

Sam: Always having someone there for you is awesome. Plus he knows everything about this place so he helps me out with school and takes me to some wicked fun places.

Harry: Family is the most important thing in life. We can go from fighting to joking around and having fun in 30 seconds. Its great to know one of my best friends is here to enjoy my senior year with me. Also when I run out of swipes I know I can count on him for a few guest passes to get me into Philly.

Fun Facts

Favorite Chick Flick:

Harry: Pitch PerfectSam: Mean Girls, and no you can’t sit with us.

Favorite TV Show:

Harry: EntourageSam: Friends

Celeb Crush:

Harry: Rachel McadamsSam: Jennifer Anniston, she’s perfect.


Love Life

Single or Taken:

Harry: SingleSam: Recently* Single

Ideal Date:  

Harry: Live music on the oceanSam: I’ll cook dinner then you pick the activity.  

Deal Breakers?

Harry: no confidenceSam: if you can’t laugh at yourself or you’re a complainer


Advice to Freshmen?

Sam: Times change and so do people. Focus on here and now, you’ll love it.

Harry: Be adventurous and take chances. It always works out the way it should for you and cherish the god dam moment.

If you could pick the next Campus Cutie who would it be and why?                                         

Sam: Ma’am Fall, kids 50% British, 50% Senegalese, and 100% cute.

Harry: Alex Twomey aka the twomrader