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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UNH chapter.

5 Easy DIY Room Décor Ideas!

Want to make your room cute and personalized without the cost of expensive room décor? Try out some of these quick and easy, do it yourself, room decorations! With a little time, and more importantly a little money, you can transform your space!

Picture Heart


Approximate price: $10

Time: 45 min

This decoration can be used on a plain wall, or as a headboard. This picture collage will not only personalize your room but also impress your friends!

1. Go through your pictures; pick your favorite pictures of you, your friends, and family. You can even add pictures of scenery or other non-people images to make it more artistic. You will need 45 pictures to create the heart however, I highly recommend ordering more because some pictures end up fitting better than others. You can get pictures printed online at sutterfly.com and often your local drugstore such as Rite Aid

2. Find an open space in your room, the floor works best, and start lining up the pictures in the heart shape. Refer to the picture above to know how many to put in each line. You may have to switch around pictures to make it look right. For example, if one side has a vertical picture, third one in, the other side might look off balance if it doesn’t have a vertical picture as well

3. Once all of the pictures are placed in the heart position start one-by-one placing them on the wall with a small piece of tape..You want to be able to move the pictures around because the first time you put it up, it probably won’t be completely straight

4. Once you have all the pictures exactly where you want them, tape them on more permanently using normal tape or double sided tape!


Hanging Elephants

Approximate price: $10

Time: 20 min

You don’t only have to use elephants for this decoration! All you have to do is cut out any image you want (hearts, initials, wildcat paws) with different decorative scrap paper, tape it on to a string, and hang it down your wall!

Mason Jar Storage

Approximate price: $15

Time: 5-20 min (depending on the way you want to decorate)

Mason Jars are a cute way to store anything small! From pens and makeup brushes to cotton balls and Qtips, they are the perfect way to have your things out and keep the clutter away! The way I decorated was just by tying a twine string in a bow around the top. However, you can also paint the inside with any color to add a pop! If you want the inside to be all sparkles, buy spray glue at target and spry it all inside the jar. Next, pour glitter into the jar, put the lid on and shake! The glitter will stick to the inside.

Dixi Cup Lights

Approximate price: $20 (depending if you already have the lights)

Time: 40 min

Want to give your Christmas lights a twist? Try using dixi cups! All you have to do is find some scrapbooking paper that you think is pretty, cut it into strips and glue, or tape, it around the cup. After that, cut small X’s into the top of the cup, and stick the light through.

Hometown Pride

Approximate price: $5-$7

Time: 20 min

All you need to buy is a double frame. You can typically get them at Marshals or Target. Print out a pretty pattern, I used Lily Pulitzer, and a map of your home state. Next, cut the pattern to the shape of the cardboard already in the frame, or the picture that is in the frame when you buy it so that you know it’s the exact size. Cut out your state and glue it on. With a sharpie, draw a little heart over where your town is. Next, find pictures of you and your friends and put them in a word document. You want to make them small so you can fit a lot in the frame. Print it out and cut out all the pictures. Next, place them on the cardboard (or picture) that came in the frame and glue it down! It may take a little shifting around to get the pictures to fit! 

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