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5 Covid-Friendly Fall Activities!

5 Covid-Friendly Fall Activities

Fall of 2020 is officially here!! Get ready for football, oversized flannel weather, and of course pumpkin spice everything. Although, fall this year isn’t exactly as we imagined due to the global pandemic, there are still plenty of ways to be together and enjoy the season while staying safe and virus free!

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1. Apple Picking

Okay, you cannot say you’ve fully experienced fall without going apple picking and thankfully you still can this season while staying safe! Apple orchards are up and running this year with added encouragement to wear a mask and to stay 6 feet apart from other groups! This slight change won’t affect your experience and I can assure you’ll still be able to climb those trees to get the best-looking apples!


2.  Corn Mazes

Corn mazes!! Another typical fall favorite that you’ll still be able to enjoy! Challenge yourself this season and see if you can escape the maze. Whether it’s with a few friends, a date, or your family, corn mazes are a lot of fun to figure out and will definitely put you in that fall mood. It’s a great time-killer and very affordable as well!


3. Coffee Dates

One of my daily activities!! Now that fall flavors are back, local cafés are such an easy and go to hangout spot! Many coffee shops are reopening, seating at half capacity while others have cute and welcoming seating areas outside. Either way you can’t go wrong! Try out a new pumpkin flavored drink while chatting it up with friends, studying, or enjoying the cool Fall breeze


4.  Baking

Alright, I know this one may sound intimidating at first, but baking can actually be so easy!! Fall is the perfect excuse to try out a new pumpkin breads, pies, cookies you name it! Pinterest can give you quick and simple recipes to try out on your own or in groups from the comfort of your own home!


5. Park Picnics

Another simple and free day trip! Get a group together for a picnic and admire the fall foliage while maintaining a safe distance from others. Bring your favorites snacks and you’ll be sure to have a relaxing day with your friends!


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