4 Quick Early Morning Hairstyles


Looking back, signing up for a Monday-Thursday 8 am class didn’t seems so awful. But now, all I ever want to do is cry when I hear my 7:20 alarm clock go off. This 8 am class has go to the point where I don’t really care what I look like, I will go to class in sweats and no makeup and be fine with it. And that is normally not like me at all. I like to feel presentable to class. Look good feel good they say and I honestly believe it. If I like my makeup or outfit on a particular day, my day always seems to go a little better.


And though I have been slacking in the wardrobe department my hair is something I always try to do in the morning.  Even if it’s just a messy bun that I legit probably spent 15 minutes on make it perfect. And if you’re on my boat and these 8 am are starting to get to you no worries. Here are some awesome quick and easy hair do’s that will make getting up and ready at ungodly hours for school a little less hectic.




1.) The High Ponytail

I have seen my friends with thinner hair just flip their heads over and gather all their hair at their crown wrap a hair tie around it and its finished. Me not so much…  I have really thick hair so what it do is gather my hair at my crown as if I am doing a half up- half down look, brush out all the bumps and then gather the bottom half.  Also I always make sure this ponytail really tight. I think the sleeker the better for this look.


2.) The Sockbun

The sock bun in everywhere and I am loving it. It looks good on everyone and is simpler than people think. You can make your own hair sock bun by taking an old sock (preferably one that is close to your hair color) and cut the toes off. Or for about $5.00 you can go to Sally Hansen and purchase an already made hair donut. I suggest this because the hair donuts come in different sizes depending on how thick you hair is and you can buy them in your hair color. Also they just hold hair better than a sock can. To achieve this look put your hair in an ponytail wherever you want your bun to end up. Next flip your head upside down and put the hair donut at the tip of your hair and just start rolling the donut towards to head. While you’re doing this make sure to fan out your hair around the donut. If there is any fly a-ways just pin them down and you are good to go.  Add a cute headband as a great accessory to complete this look.


3.) The Hair Bow

I saw this look on one of my pinterest sprees and never tried it until this week when I was bored in one of my classes. I was ansy all class after I did it because I wanted to see if it came out as good as it did in the picture and surprisingly it did. For this look it is best to have a center part if you have layers so your hair length is even on both sides. Take a small section of your hair from both sides and criss-cross them in the back and then tie the pieces like a bow. That simple! Of course to keep it in place I would bobby pin the middle section. 



4.) Upsidedown French Braid Bun

I may start with my hair down during the day but at some point it always ends up in either a braid or a messy bun. This look is awesome and incorporates both.What you do is flip your head over and start French braiding from your neck to as far up as you want your bun to land. Once your done braiding, gather your hair and throw it into a messy bun as you usually would. It’s simple yet looks like you put in just a little more effort! 



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