10 Best Twitter Reactions to the Election


After the Presidential Election this past Tuesday, you can only imagine how crazy every single social media site has been. Everyone has been voicing their opinions on the man our country voted into office. While some posts were well planned and inspirational, others were not. Some people decided to try to lighten the mood, so we have a recap of the best Twitter posts regarding this election to save you the hours of scrolling through your timeline!


1. Trump killed Santa


This man's poor children. At least they still have the tooth fairy, easter bunny, and unicorns.... or did Trump kill those too?

2. When you just want Obama to stay one more term

But for real, Michelle 2020!

3. Trying to not get pregnant for the next four years

Even if prices don't change and Planned Parenthood doesn't get shut down I'd still be stocking up if I were you.

4. You can have your own opinion, but you're wrong

A little more on the serious side, but this chick knows what she's talking about!

5. Dude, where's my birth control?

Bet you boys didn't think of that one, huh?

6. So inspirational

See kids, you truly can be whatever you want when you grow up!

7. Electoral College frat boy: "who do you know here?"

When you're upset about the election, but still tryna party

8. Donald's leaked pics


First we lose Santa, now it's called "Trumpday"... could this day get any worse???

9. Sneak peak of the next season

Don't forget to watch the season finale of America starting in January!

10. CNN and Panic? ;)

Honestly waiting for someone to use this line on me now..